Crown Unmasked - A major 60 MINUTES INVESTIGATION

60 Minutes
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60 MINUTES • The Sydney Morning Herald • The Age

 A six-month joint investigation by 60 MINUTES, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald has exposed a corporate scandal unlike anything Australia has seen before.

Investigative reporter Nick McKenzie and producer Grace Tobin obtained tens of thousands of documents and internal files from Crown, Australia’s largest casino operator. It’s one of the biggest leaks of information to the media in this country’s history and explains what was going on inside the business in the lead up to Crown’s darkest hour: the arrest and imprisonment of 19 of its employees for breaking strict gambling laws in China.

For the first time one of those employees has also spoken publicly about her ordeal.  Jenny Jiang was a trusted worker in Crown’s Shanghai office until she was detained by Chinese police. She says she grew concerned Crown was breaking Chinese laws and felt pressured to comply with its demands. However, in her time of need, she says felt the company abandoned her. She insists Crown was motivated purely by profit.

“Money is way more important than the staff,” Ms Jiang told McKenzie and Tobin.

As 60 MINUTES revealed, the damaging leaked documents also proved:

Crown’s inappropriately close relationships with known crime figures with links to drug importation and alleged human sex trafficking; and

Crown’s power to fast track Australian visas for Chinese high-roller gamblers (some with dubious backgrounds) through Crown-friendly staff at Australian consulates in China.

McKenzie and Tobin’s investigation provides ample evidence for law enforcement and gaming regulators in Australia to pursue further enquiries into the ability of Crown to conduct its business in a lawful manner.

The story, “Crown Unmasked” is available to watch on 9NOW.