Censorship, Cock-ups, and Calombaris has to go! | TV Blackbox S03E13

The whole team is here and we're ready to serve up a tasty dish of television goodness... with a bunch of honest opinions on the side!

This week there's some tough decisions to be made in TV land and Rob, Sarah, Brooky, Dan and Molk are ready to make the tough calls over censorship and whether a certain MasterChef should keep his job.

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the PR spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

  • 2.54 - Police try to intimidate SKY NEWS over their Lawyer X doco

  • 8.49 - A graphic scene cut from 13 Reasons Why on NETFLIX that could change the whole show

  • 15.26 - The REAL story on what happened behind-the-scenes when the wrong episode of Mad As Hell aired on the ABC

  • 18.33 - The future of Q&A in doubt

  • 25.46 - Is Lisa Wilkinson rewriting TV history?

  • 28.23 - A change of direction for the TODAY show as it starts skewing to the right... but what will the show look like next year?

  • 33.18 - Peter Stefanovic v Kyle Sandilands

  • 34.31 - Sarah brings us Hatches and Dispatches

  • 36.55 - Winners and remakes as Molk takes us into the voodoo world of programming

  • 46.38 - Should George Calombaris keep his job at 10? The team reach a unanimous verdict... but just wait until you hear their reasons!

  • 59.03 - What we've been watching this week

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