Recap | MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA elimination #21

MasterChef Australia
Source: 10 Network

MasterChef Australia Elimination #21.

Tim Bone, VIC, 33, Cooking & Garden Educator.

MasterChef Australia fan favourite Tim Bone, affectionately known in the MasterChef house as T-Bone, has been eliminated for the second time in the competition.

Our Prince Harry doppelganger has fallen from the throne one night short of cooking in the Grand Finale, which means Larissa, Tessa and Simon are this year’s Top 3 and will battle it out for the coveted title tomorrow.

Tim tumbled from the kitchen after a stellar pressure test set by acclaimed Sydney chef Peter Gilmore of Quay and Bennelong.

Tasked with recreating Peter Gilmore’s White Coral, the dessert comprised of layers of white chocolate mousse, prune ice cream and jam, brulee, oloroso caramel, chocolate ganache and an oloroso whip.

Tim worked solidly through the two-hour cook to overcome obstacles, but with just 35 minutes left on the clock, Tim was gutted to see his caramel mixture had split.

When it came time to assemble their White Coral, Tim was feeling confident as he popped the lid off his mousse, however was soon disappointed to see it had deflated.

When the judges cracked into Tim’s White Coral, it was clear the coral was not as light as intended. There were a few minor technical elements that did not hit the mark, however overall, Peter Gilmore admitted it wasn’t a bad attempt.

Gary Mehigan declared it was a Semi Final for the history books, making it one of the toughest decisions they have had to make.

Tessa was ecstatic to be awarded dish of the day, with Simon a close second, and the final spot in the Grand Finale was awarded to Larissa who hopes to become the youngest person in MasterChef Australia history to take home the title. 

Tim has been a popular contestant with fans and was widely praised when he won his way back into the competition following his elimination in a pressure test in QLD Week.


MasterChef Australia Season 11. Grand Finale Tomorrow At 7.30pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network.