RECAP | Tim and Mat, Lisa and Andy, Pete and Courtney all secure spots in HOUSE RULES grand final

House Rules
Source: Seven Network


It was an emotional homecoming for the spectacular garden reveal at Pete & Courtney’s. Tim & Mat received a perfect score from all three judges and the homeowners, securing them a place in the Grand Final alongside fellow Melbourne team Pete & Courtney and South Australia’s Lisa & Andy.

Queensland’s Shayn & Carly were eliminated from the competition after receiving three out of 10 from homeowners Pete & Courtney for their half of the deck and front courtyard. Shocked at their score, at Homebase Carly said: “I was expecting maybe at least a five. Three is a hard blow, I don’t think we did that bad.” Shayn put the move down to a strategic power play, but Pete defended their score telling host Johanna Griggs: “Three is tough and we know that, and we’ve given it and we’ve got to live with that.” Shayn & Carly fared better with the judges scoring a seven from both Wendy and LLB and a five from Jamie. After the overall scores for the garden round were tallied, Tim & Mat topped the leaderboard with 104 and Shayn & Carly bottomed out with Carly saying: “I’m disappointed because we gave our all. We tried out hardest, we were so close to the grand final.” On their elimination, Shayn said: “We’ve had one hell of a ride to be honest.” Carly, through tears said: “I actually don’t think words can express just how we feel. We will forever be grateful.”


After the interior renovation Pete & Courtney’s home was valued at $850,000. It’s now valued at $940,000 with teams adding $90,000 during the garden renovation phase.




 LISA & ANDY (SA) street front & carport

Jamie                                  6

If they wanted to create a sense of arrival, they have missed the mark.

LLB                                     6

(carport) I think this is a really interesting idea. They have created an internal courtyard.

Wendy                              7

(rocks at front) There is not enough green to soften it.

Homeowners                  6

(Pete) It blows my mind! I was not expecting a hot tub.

(Courtney) (façade) I adore it. It’s like they got in my head and knew that’s what I want it to look like.

TIM & MAT (VIC) front garden & left side of deck

Jamie                                             10

(at Homebase) I just couldn’t fault it.

LLB                                                 10

(balcony) This is a perfectly delivered design scheme, down there on that deck (front garden) that is a perfectly delivered design scheme to an absolutely professional standard.

Wendy                                           10

(at Homebase) I loved what you did. It was just amazing.

Homeowners                                10

(Pete) (deck) This is very Melbourne, its edgy, it’s cool.

(Courtney) (front garden) It does feel like a native paradise.

(deck) Oh my god look at the kitchen. I love that.


SHAYN & CARLY (QLD) front courtyard & right side of deck

Jamie                                                5

(deck) They haven’t really dressed the entire space.

LLB                                                     7

I will never forget that front facade. The elegant rigidity of what they’ve done there. Very sophisticated piece of work.

Wendy                                              7

(front) It is a really fabulous job. The colour is so strong. It looks great from the street.

Homeowners                                    3

(Pete) (deck) It doesn’t give me the wow factor that the other spaces have.

(Courtney) The strength of this entire zone is the façade of the house; it’s just falling short a little bit (in the other areas).


SHAYN & CARLY 48-HR FIX UP ROOM (master bedroom)

OVERALL PASS + 3 points

LLB        PASS

 Jamie     PASS

 Wendy   PASS


Monday night on House Rules

For the first time ever three teams will battle it out in the House Rules 2019 Grand Final challenge. Teams must create a luxury loft in just 7 days, and when the judges scores are in one team will be crowned the House Rules 2019 champions and walk away with $250,000 plus a fully renovated home and garden.