KARL STEFANOVIC ready for TV return with new role on 60 Minutes and This Time Next Year.

Karl Stefanovic at NINE’s Logies Recovery Brunch
image - NINE

The resurrection of Karl Stefanovic’s television career has begun. After spending 7 months in TV purgatory, NINE is preparing to return its highest paid star to our screens.

His Sunday night walk on the Logies Red Carpet may have been his first appearance on our screens this year, but it certainly won’t be his last. Next month will see Stefanovic return to primetime, hosting the second season of feel good hit, This Time Next Year.

But perhaps more importantly, Stefanovic is also about to return to 60 Minutes. The guest reporting role seen as a good way to remind Australians just how good a journalist and story teller he can be.

 Stefanovic has 6 months remaining on his highly paid contract, how the audience embraces him over the next few months will be a big factor in determining if he remains at NINE.

Speaking at NINE’s annual Logie’s Recovery Brunch event yesterday on the Gold Coast, Stefanovic confessed to the audience the network had made the right decision by removing him from TODAY,

“It was good to be back (last night). It’s been about six months since I was on the telly, and I needed to have a rest. Towards the end of last year, I was cooked,” Stefanovic said today.

“It had taken its toll, a lot of the attention — all the unwarranted attention I thought, and you can’t control any of that, I’m not going to complain too much about that, but what it meant was that in a work capacity I don’t believe for a second I was at my best.

“So, it wasn’t a great surprise to me. In fact, it was a relief in many ways… that I was taken off the Today show. Because I just wasn’t at my best and you can’t be doing that show unless you are at the top of your game,”

Stefanovic’s career spiralled downhill in 2018 after his divorce and decision to marry new partner Jasmine Yarbrough generated endless negative headlines by a spiteful Sydney Tabloid press. The pressure led the star to become highly distracted from his TV role, regularly turning up late for work.

“I think I was struggling towards the end of last year.” 

“You’ve got to be sharp; you’ve got to be witty; you’ve got to be funny, you’ve got to see the angles, and to be honest, towards the end of last year I wasn’t seeing much.”

Stefanovic went on to add that the enforced ‘gardening leave’ away from our screens had allowed  him to clear his head and see “things a lot clearer”.

“It allowed me to rest and think about life in a much clearer way and to come back and go ‘OK, when I do come back, I’ve got to make sure I’m OK’ and I think for a while there, I wasn’t sure if I was, to be honest,”

Stefanovic went on to add that his time out had better allowed him to process the promises and pledges from people taking part in This Time Next Year.

“It allowed me to actually listen and concentrate and be empathetic. I really love this show about real people.”

Sources - News Corp and TVTonight

This Time Next Year returns to NINE in August