SEVEN assembles a temporary roadblock for AUSTRALIA'S GOT TALENT

Australia’s Got Talent
Source: Seven Network

Seven is going all out to ensure you don’t mis the launch of its shiny new prime-time hope Australia’s Got Talent.

Perhaps in a clever marketing move, perhaps in a sign of desperation, SEVEN has scheduled the premiere of AGT to air in simulcast across its fleet of multi-channels this Sunday.

The simulcast will only last for the first five-minutes however with viewers then offered the option to switch to SEVEN’s main channel before normal programming returns.

Known as ‘roadblocking’, the technique of scheduling a single program across multiple channels has become unpopular with programmers in recent years. 10 has previously used ‘roadblocking’ to provide Family Feud a ratings boost in the challenging 6pm timeslot.


AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT    Starts Sunday, July 28 at 7.00pm on 7