More AFP media raid drama | LiLo and TEMPTATION ISLAND news (unrelated) | STRANGER THINGS 3 Netflix's biggest yet | TV Blackbox S03E12

The cat's away so the mice will play! Rob is taking a well-earned rest this week, leaving Molk in charge of the show and it teeters on the edge of a debacle the entire episode.

While we planned to go completely off-script there was a surprising amount of news land so we had to cover it all. From the announced coming of Lindsay Lohan to Nine's big first half of the year; from Temptation Island getting dumped before it started to Denyer getting pulled six ways from Sunday - join us for a nice long walk through this last week in the Australian TV industry. (Look, we go on a bit, but we promise, there's gold all through this ep!)

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the PR spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • The Australian Federal Police wanted a whole lot more before they raided the ABC. [5:22]

  • TVBB EXCLUSIVE: MKR All-stars for Q1 2020? [11:14]

  • TVBB EXCLUSIVE: Seven cancel TEMPTATION ISLAND before it even starts. [14:28]

  • The judges for 10's THE MASKED SINGER revealed, with added LiLo. [18:43]

  • Amanda Keller speaks out about Tom Gleeson's GOLD LOGIE SPEECH. [22:26]

  • TVBB EXCLUSIVE: Grant Denyer's future in doubt. [30:11]

  • STATE OF ORIGIN massive for Nine. [35:42]

  • Audience flocks to Netflix's STRANGER THINGS 3. [37:34]

  • Sarah delivers a plethora of news in this week's HATCHES & DISPATCHES. [43:11]

  • This week's BIG ISSUE: 2019 half-year review - the good, the bad and the ugly of TV in 2019. [47:24]

  • Sarah, Dan, Stephen and Molk reveal their current viewing obsessions. [1:11:51]

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