RECAP | Lisa & Andy's Aussie dream backyard wins round three on HOUSE RULES

House Rules
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Shayn & Carly returned to their brand-new Aussie dream garden with the backyard earning a perfect 10 from the homeowners for Lisa & Andy who also won praise from the judges for their “genius” secret fairy garden. Brothers Tim & Mat’s zone didn’t fly with the homeowners scoring just a 5/10.  The judges scored Tim & Mat 20/30 and passed the 48-hour fix up room (Harper’s bedroom) adding 3 points, but that couldn’t save them from last place. LLB awarded his first 10 this season to married dancers Pete & Courtney for their front yard, with Courtney overcome with emotion at the perfect score, Pete declared to LLB “I feel like I have to curtsey or something.” The new appraisal of Shayn & Carly’s house came in at $610,000, with $150,000 of value added to the property since starting House Rules. 



PETE & COURTNEY (VIC) Front yard 

 Jamie                        8

(planting) I absolutely love it.

LLB                            10

This becomes the big welcome.

Wendy                      7

It feels very calming and I love that.

Homeowners           8

 (Carly) This space is beautiful.  This is stunning.

(Shayn) It looks really cool.


TIM & MAT (VIC) Outdoor kitchen and patio

Jamie                       7

The bar doesn’t match the kitchen

LLB                           7

There are bits I like, then there are huuuuge spaces in between of what on earth have then done.


Wendy              6

A distinct stench of panic. I just have this moment that they just don’t know what they are doing.

Homeowners   5

(Shayn) The boys nailed it outdoors, but inside does not hit the rules.

(Carly) (dining) This is just so open and welcoming

(inside garage) The choice of marble on the bar is hideous

It reminds me of my grandpa’s house.


LISA & ANDY (SA) Backyard

 Jamie                          8

All in all, really nicely done.

LLB                               9

The genius here is not just that they have created the secret fairy garden, they’ve created the journey to the secret fairy garden.

Wendy                        9

They have nailed the idea of the Australian dream. This is a living room out here, it’s not just a garden.

Homeowners            10

(Shayn) We are going to spend hours out here.

(Carly) (blue painted house) I love, love, love, love, love.

This is everything I wanted in a secret fairy garden.


TIM & MAT 48-HR FIX UP ROOM (Harper’s bedroom)

OVERALL PASS + 3 points

LLB            PASS

Jamie        PASS

 Wendy     FAIL


Monday night on House Rules

The final garden renovation is here, and it’s the biggest one yet as teams will face super-sized zones and challenges. With elimination looming it’s the last chance to fight for a place in the Grand Final.