RECAP | Crumbling cottage stuns judges with 21st century country makeover on HOUSE RULES

House Rules
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Teams came face to face with the judges for the final interior judgement day before elimination. Tim & Mat’s high ceiling in the loungeroom soared, while Shayn & Carly’s guest bedroom made LLB declare he was “moving in”. Both teams scored 26/30 from the judges in a reveal that won praise across the board for hitting the eco-friendly, 21st century country house rules.  Before the scores were revealed, teams had a long paint night and frantic race to the finish as the tiny, crumbling cottage in Gundaroo was doubled in size. Everything was on the line for the teams at the bottom of the leaderboard and at risk of elimination - fireman and air hostess Lisa & Andy and pro surfer sisters Mikaela & Eliza, with Lisa in tears at homebase, saying “to see the girls go is going to be hard, but to see us go is going to be even harder.”


Tonight’s scores:


House Rules:

PETE & COURTNEY (VIC) Entry, bathroom, WIR and kid’s corner

Jamie   7

(Kid’s corner) I like Hallie’s little corner here and I think as the first zone for the house, it’s a good start

LLB  9

(on the bathroom) It actually has got tons of impact. Huge impact.  I think they got the scale of the floor tiles absolutely perfect

Wendy   7

(Hallway) The instant you walk in here, you feel calmer and I am so glad they went with the sightly moodier, slightly muddier pastels


SHAYN & CARLY (QLD) Foyer and guest bedroom

Jamie  8

(Foyer) It’s a beautiful way to enter into the house, it feels so light

 LLB   9

(Guest bedroom) This is the star of the show …I’m moving in.

Wendy   9

(Foyer) It works perfectly because it invites you in further….(photo door) I just think the execution is a bit poor.


TIM & MAT (VIC) Hallie’s room and lounge

Jamie  9

(Lounge) They have hit the pastels, 21st century they definitely hit that and they actually have added so much warmth to not just their work, but all four teams with this ceiling

LLB  9

(Hallie’s room) Just brilliant.

(Lounge) this is magnificent..

I think the big thing here is that Tim and Matt are really proving how good they are as interior decorators

Wendy   8

(Lounge) Amazing.. fabulous skylights, that’s just so wonderful to live with


LISA & ANDY (SA) Kitchen, master bedroom and laundry

Jamie   7

(Kitchen) This is a really practical, generous, beautiful big kitchen. Country style.

LLB   7

(Laundry) This is very, very lacklustre

(Master bedroom) they’re not really evoking any sense of contemporary country in this at all

Wendy   7

(Kitchen) I think they have done a spectacular job here


MIKAELA & ELIZA (WA) Dining and ensuite

Jamie  7

(Dining) What I like most is the mirror that interrupts this beautiful slab of timber. I think that’s really quite smart

LLB  8

(on the ensuite) I don’t like it. I think the pattern on the floor tiles is too big, I like the idea but its too big …This is a team that’s not very good with colour

Wendy  8

(on the ensuite) It’s another very tiny room but actually I think it’s quite well acquainted… This is a good bathroom.


Monday night on House Rules

Tomorrow, one team will leave the competition as married couple Katie & Alex see their renovated cottage for the first time. With soaring ceilings and a whole new extension, it’s an emotional reveal but when the final scoreboard is tallied one team will be eliminated.


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