RECAP | Tim & Mat back on form to win first garden heat in South Australia on HOUSE RULES

House Rules
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Homeowners Lisa & Andy and the judges scored the first garden reveal, awarding brothers Tim & Mat first place for their outdoor entertaining area. Pete & Courtney failed to impress delivering an unfinished alfresco kitchen, scoring a 5 from each judge.  The married dance teachers fared better with a 7 from the homeowners, but back at Homebase, LLB was far from impressed when the pair tried to blame their trades for their unfinished zone. “I don’t care what kind of week you have had.  I care about what you leave in the houses for the people to live with.” Pete & Courtney’s 48-hour fix up room (the den) was passed adding + 3 points to their total score.  Lisa & Andy’s total house value is now $475,000 with teams adding another $50,000 to the house with the garden transformation.



TIM & MAT (VIC) Entertaining zone

Jamie               9

They have created a sunken loungeroom that invites you in.

LLB                     9

They can be very masterful at these quite dramatic design statements.

Wendy               9

This week you are definitely back.

Homeowners     9

(Andy) I am in legitimate awe; they have outdone themselves.

(Lisa) This is so modern Mediterranean; this is like a little slice of Greece.


SHAYN & CARLY (QLD) Outdoor lounge

Jamie                  7

(on the fireplace area) it’s quite Mediterranean.

LLB                      8

(on the four-poster bed pergola) elegant and chic, but more Hollywood than Mediterranean.

Wendy                6

The real miss is that I wish there was an extension to the master suite.

Homeowners       8

(Andy) They’ve done an amazing thing with the space here.

(Lisa) Oh my god this is unreal, this is so resort.


PETE & COURTNEY (VIC) Alfresco kitchen

Jamie                     5

(Alfresco kitchen) they really ran out of time here.

LLB                         5

Did they run out of time or ability?

What went wrong?

Wendy                   5

(Alfresco kitchen) The decisions that they’ve made have been really wrong, there is nothing here to love.

Homeowners        7

(Lisa) This would have been a cracker if it was finished.



OVERALL PASS             + 3 points

LLB           PASS

Jamie       PASS

Wendy    PASS


Monday night on House Rules

The semi-finals continue as teams head to Melbourne to drag the garden of Tim & Mat’s federation cottage into the modern era.