#Logies voting controversy as lines close early

Peter Helliar dressed as the Gold Logie


Last-minute Logie voters were left shocked with TV WEEK voting lines closed before the 7.30pm deadline, raising doubts about the legitimacy of winners.

At the same time the red carpet hosts on Channel 9 were asking viewers to jump online and vote for their favourite stars in the 2019 TV Week Logie Awards, twitter user @Itsrustyruss alerted us to the fact voting had been suspended.

At 7.27pm TV Blackbox was able to confirm TV WEEK was not accepting any more votes. This is a screenshot from my phone;

With votes closing early can viewers be sure the correct people won on the night? Once viewers of the red carpet were asked to go and vote just how many people weren’t able to have their say and would that have changed the outcome of the popular categories?

TV WEEK and Channel 9 promoted in the lead-up to the event voting would close at 7.30pm, not 7.24. So, what happened?


TV WEEK insist voting was open until 7.30pm blaming any issues on “websockets” and browsers not supporting TLVv1.2 but I was able to vote earlier in the afternoon with no issues (and the verification process does not kick in until you enter your mobile phone number).