MasterChef Australia
Source: 10 Network

MasterChef Australia Elimination #10.

Tim Bone, Victoria, 33, Cooking And Garden Educator.

Fan favourite and Ballarat local Tim Bone has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia, making him the first to depart during Queensland Week and the tenth contestant to depart the competition.

Tim tumbled after battling to recreate a complex dessert from memory set by Brisbane chef and owner of Montrachet, Shannon Kellam.

Alongside Ben, Larissa and Steph, Tim was tasked with recreating Shannon’s intricate signature dessert, Chocolate de Passion, comprising of a passionfruit cremeaux and chocolate hazelnut mousse, almond sponge, Chantilly cream, and sorbet.

The group found themselves in today’s Pressure Test after battling in their challenge to feed 400 diners at the food truck service challenge last night. Tim admitted he would be shattered to leave the competition after making it this far and being awarded the opportunity of a lifetime. 

 Tim became unstuck early when attempting to memorise the dish, incorrectly adding more stabiliser than required for his sorbet.

 He also forgot to soak his sponge in Grand Marnier and later battled removing his cremeaux from the mould when it failed to set properly.

Visually, Tim’s dish stacked up to Shannon’s dish with every element in its right place however when they sliced through the cremeaux it was clearly runny and it became quickly apparent that Tim had a problem getting his ratios right. 

The errors left the judges no choice but to send Tim packing. 

Since leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Tim has enjoyed being back home in the garden, and still dreams of owning his own gourmet toasted sandwich food truck.

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