LOGIES hatred fuels SUNRISE Campaign to Hijack Awards

image - SEVEN

While much of the attention from this Logies lead-up has fallen on Tom Gleeson and his comedic 'attack-dog' methods of attracting votes, it's the team at SUNRISE who have launched an outright assault on hijacking this year's event.

Frustrated at being consistently overlooked by Australian TV's supposed top honours. The top rating breakfast team, under the determined leadership of Executive producer Michael Pell, decided to launch a campaign designed turn this years Logies into a SUNRISE publicity stunt.

And in a move to highlight just what a joke the Logies have become, Pell made the early decision not to put the well-deserved focus on his dominate hosting line-up of David Koch and Samantha Armytage, but instead take the piss by putting the shows self-described 'weather-jester' Sam Mac on centre stage.

The SUNRISE Logies assault was designed to highlight how the awards are no longer going to those most deserving, and instead are now being won by those capable of launching the biggest viral marketing campaign. Grant Denyer won last years award despite his gameshow Family Feud being axed due to dismal ratings.

Mac is a loveable TV presenter who goes to great lengths to ensure his weather segments are always a good mix of information and entertainment, but even he would be the first to admit he is a long way from being Australian TV's 'Most Popular Presenter'.

The Sunrise Logies stunt has been fantastic Television, an over-the-top campaign for votes featuring a bus-tour across Australia, with heaps of hilarious celebrity endorsements from likes of Julie Bishop, Kamahl, and Nikki Webster. Viewers have loved it, and Mac is now in with a serious chance of winning the Golden Statue.

But let's be clear, this is a campaign by Michael Pell and the Seven Network to openly mock the once honourable award. An award previously won by Australian TV Legends such as Graham Kennedy, Denise Drysdale and Bert Newton.

It's well known within media circles that SEVEN has little interest in the Logies. In recent years the network has not put a lot of effort or money into submitting their talent/shows for nominations, believing the Logies have turned into a 'NINE focused' event which 'lacks relevance' with Australian audiences.

SUNRISE or its presenters have never won a Logie award, despite the shows ratings dominance over the last 15 years.

The entire SUNRISE team decided to boycott last year's Gold Coast ceremony, while host David Koch has only attended once in the previous five years, preferring to spend his time supporting the Port Adelaide Football Club.

All this comes as some of Australia's most beloved and respected stars including Sam Pang, Leah Sales, Shaun Micallef, Tracy Grimshaw, Bruce McAvaney, and Barrie Cassidy appear to be somewhat shunned by Australian TV's 'Night of Nights'.

Instead, the Gold Logie nominations have gone to a 'Bearded Gardener', and a former 'Soapie Star' who’s programs barely register any interest with the Australian viewing public according to official Oztam data.

Questions need to be asked if TV Week magazine is really so desperate for publicity, it's happy to sit back and let its crown jewel event be turned into a national punchline.