WATCH: "I can't do it" Virginia Trioli breaks down laughing on ABC NEWS BREAKFAST

Virginia Trioli gets the giggles during the introduction to a serious story on ABC News Breakfast


Breakfast television is an eclectic mix of serious news and light-hearted banter, but sometimes transitioning between the two can prove very difficult as ABC NEWS BREAKFAST host Virginia Trioli discovered.

An interview with comedian Tom Gleeson was always going to be a challenge, but the hosts of ABC NEWS BREAKFAST probably didn’t think the biggest challenge would be throwing to the next story.

Gleeson had been on the program promoting his Gold Logie campaign when at the end of the hilarious interview Trioli realised she had to throw to a serious topic about breast milk.

Straight away there was fear in her eyes as she tried to calm down and turn serious.

But it didn’t work.

Trioli tries to regain her composure - it didn’t work!

“We have a really awkward transition here” remarked Trioli.

Taking a deep breath Trioli told herself to “reset” before bursting into laughter;

“I can’t do it”

Luckily Gleeson was on hand to offer some advice;

Michael Rowland, Virginia Trioli and Tom Gleeson

“Just read Virginia, read”

After enjoying the moment, co-host Michael Rowland jumped in to read the intro during which Trioli continued to laugh. Trioli then picked up and giggled her way through the rest of the introduction to the story.

At the conclusion of the story Trioli had regained her composure and apologised to viewers, saying;

“A very important story that did not need a comedic intro from me, so my apologies”

No need to apologise Virginia, we enjoyed the laughs!

Watch the video in the player below: