MasterChef Australia
Source: 10 Network

MasterChef Australia Elimination #14. Sandeep Pandit, Victoria, 37, IT Project Manager. 

Spice angel Sandeep Pandit has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia with the judges heralding his cooking as the best Indian food they’ve had in the history of the show.

Sandeep leaves behind the final Top 10 for 2019, with each contestant more determined than ever before to make it to the finals as Sweet Week concludes. 

Following his loss in yesterday’s challenge, Sandeep faced elimination alongside Anushka, Tessa, Tati, Derek and Simon, tasked with creating a sweet dish without any processed or refined sugars. 

Before the cook kicked off, Tessa used her immunity pin to save herself from the elimination, leaving just five to battle it out.

Sandeep knew desserts were not his strength, but with natural sweeteners readily prevalent in Indian cooking, he felt confident with the challenge early on, mixing milk, cream and rice, and gently simmering it for an Indian rice pudding. 

When the judges tasted his dish they admitted the rice was well cooked and had a nice texture, but it wasn’t sweet enough and is instead overly laden with saffron and cardamom.

In a tight challenge where Tati also failed to deliver, it was a close call as Sandeep was eliminated from the competition.

Since leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Sandeep has plans to launch his Indian restaurant BBQ and Biryani. He is also working on his own garam masala spice blend.

MasterChef Australia Season 11. Continues Sunday To Thursday At 7.30pm.