NINE makes Cricket fans happy with the launch of 9GEMHD just in time for THE ASHES

Viewers will now be able to watch 9GEM content including the World Cup of Cricket in HD
image - ABC

NINE has done the right thing by sports fans with the launch of a new High Definition version of 9GEM channel just in time for the finals of the Cricket World Cup and the next ASHES series.

The channel launched unannounced on Thursday as Digital channel 95 in NINE’s metro markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. At this stage the new channel is unavailable for most regional viewers.

Until recently, NINE had been using channel 95 for the YOUR MONEY finance channel. Viewers may need to retune their TV’s to discover the new service.

As well as the cricket, 9GEMHD will provide viewers in southern states a much-improved experience for the networks NRL coverage. The new channel also has the potential of allowing NINE to broadcast two channels of Australian Open Tennis content in HD.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for NINE has advised TV Blackbox the current plan is for 9GEMHD to be available until the end of of The Ashes. 

NINE had previously copped some criticism from sports fans for broadcasting the World Cup of Cricket on the standard definition secondary channel.

This move means NINE is now the first commercial network to provide two High Definition channels for viewers.

SBS currently has two HD channels, SBS and SBS VICELAND, this will expand to three with the launch of SBS WORLD MOVIES.

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