RECAP | LLB awards Olympic gold to Katie & Alex's master bedroom on HOUSE RULES

House Rules
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Emotions were running high as teams were left reeling from Shayn & Carly’s strategy vote for the secret room reveal.  But that didn’t stop them from producing some of their best work, turning Shayn & Carly’s jailhouse into a dream home. Katie & Alex found favour again with LLB with the judge saying they had “grown wings this week” rediscovering their design ethos to moving from the bottom of the leaderboard to the top with 24 points.


Tonight’s scores:



MIKAELA & ELIZA (WA) Kitchen and Harper’s room

Jamie   7

(on the loft bed) Probably one of the best built pieces of furniture  we’ve seen so far.

LLB  8

There is something so fresh and crisp about what they’ve done to Harper’s room – I really like it.

Wendy  6

The subway tiles are the wrong way!


TIM & MAT (VIC) Entry, hallway and ensuite

Jamie  9

I love this – that is hands down the best hallway treatment I have seen in House Rules.

LLB   6

Overall, they delivered a weak entry, an overachieving hallway and a surprisingly successful ensuite!

Wendy   9

 I cannot believe that they have won my heart with what is normally the most boring room in the house.


PETE & COURTNEY (VIC) Dining room and Imogen’s bedroom 

Jamie  7

(on Imogen’s room) We’ve got two rooms for the price of one.

LLB   6

(on the dining room) Pete and Courtney are great designers but they have dropped the ball.

Wendy   7

(on the dining room) I don’t understand why in a small house you would create a space invader.


KATIE & ALEX (NSW) Master bedroom and laundry

Jamie   7

I wouldn’t have thought about putting textured wallpaper into a laundry but it kind of works.

LLB  9

(on the master bedroom) House Rules just got Olympic gold!

Wendy   8

(on the laundry) I love that they’ve gone for open shelving that makes the whole room feel bigger.


LISA & ANDY (SA) Loungeroom and bathroom

Jamie   7

(on the ceiling) This feels like a really bad attempt at something that should be in a flight lounge.

LLB   8

(Lounge room) Aqua and oak are the absolute epicentre of dag-dom – so here we are at aqua and oak!

Wendy   7

I was terrified at the idea of a mermaid bathroom, but this is good.


Monday night on House Rules: The judges scores are in, but tonight on House Rules homeowners Shayn and Carly could rewrite the leader board. Scoring each zone out of 10, will they be wowed by the secret hallway and mermaid bathroom in their new family home? Starring Johanna Griggs, Jamie Durie, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Wendy Moore.


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