RECAP | Hope for heartbroken family who lost everything in house fire on HOUSE RULES

House Rules
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Johanna welcomed teams to Campbelltown, Western Sydney to Graeme and Mary’s house. The blended family of six told of their heartbreak when their family home burnt to the ground in November last year leaving them separated.  With a young family to look after and money tight, they didn’t have insurance and lost everything in the fire. With a broken family whose only wish is to be together, this seven-day build provided the greatest motivation for teams. Graeme said through tears: “When you’ve got nothing, you live every day not knowing and when you get that glimmer of hope, its life-changing.” Mary added: “It will bring an entire family together.”  Andy, a firefighter declared: “This is the best thing I’ve ever been able to do for anyone.”


With the leaderboard wiped clean and only seven days to completely change this family’s life, the curveballs came thick and fast for teams. As winners of the overall interior round, brothers Tim & Mat’s promised set of rewards rolled in with the advantage to swap zones with any other team. The boys chose to swap from their original allocated zones of entry, hallway and laundry for Shayn & Carly’s zone of dining room, Lily’s room and family storage room. While Tim & Mat claimed it was a logical move and they had to be competitive, Shayn & Carly were upset declaring it personal and strategic, claiming they discounted their friends Katie & Alex and Pete & Courtney.  Mat said: “At the end of the day it’s a competition and these are the hard calls you’ve got to make.”  As the build progressed, Johanna revealed a further reward giving Tim & Mat the power to add a bonus room to their zone.  The judges will decide if it is a pass or fail - to win or lose five points. Tim & Mat decided to keep the bonus room rather than giving it away to another team. Tim said: “We’re here and may as well give it a crack!”


Monday night on House Rules

Teams continue to build a new home to bring Graeme and Mary’s family back together after a devastating fire. In an unmissable House Rules event week, the remaining five teams will work harder than ever to stay in the competition. 


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