MasterChef Australia
Source: 10 Network

MasterChef Australia Elimination #12. Abbey Rose, New South Wales, 28, Kitchen & Homewares Buyer. 

 Essential Ingredient buyer Abbey Rose has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia, leaving just 12 vying for top honours.

Abbey faced elimination alongside Christina, Simon, Larissa, Anushka and Tati following their team’s loss yesterday at Hanging Rock.

Arriving in the garden to meet the judges and guest Maggie Beer, the group was asked to plate a dish celebrating herbs. Drawn to sage, Abbey opted for a crusted pork fillet with crispy sage and pumpkin, however when the judges tasted her dish they soon realised it hadn’t quite hit the mark - the fillet was a little too pink and inconsistent.

Forced into round two alongside Larissa and Christina, the trio now had to plate a dish which celebrated spices. Abbey hadn’t been cooking well and was not feeling clear when she entered the kitchen for her second cook. 

Knowing seafood was her speciality, Abbey opted to make Chinese inspired salt and pepper squid with Szechuan pepper and Chinese five spice. But in the final minutes, Abbey added extra oil to her wok of spices before tossing her squid and soon realised it wasn’t needed. Abbey was panicked at the completion of her cook but hoped she’d done enough to remain safe. 

When they tasted her dish, Maggie admitted the spices weren’t showing through as she’d expected, and Gary said he was left searching for the heat of the Szechuan pepper. The dish was fatty and greasy, and Matt admitted it was the added oil which had undone her great work.

Since leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Abbey has completed work experience at Capriccio and Bar Rizzo. She is now working on her own recipes and still dreams of opening a boutique café. 

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