HBO’s Chernobyl Is Now the Top-Ranked TV Show of All Time on IMDb

images - HBO

Chernobyl, HBO’s gritty and horrifying retelling of the worst nuclear disaster in human history, has jumped to the number one spot on IMDb’s all-time TV rankings.

As of last week, Chernobyl had a 9.7-star (out of 10) average rating from about 140,000 users on the Amazon-owned IMDb site.  This places the critically acclaimed Chernobyl ahead of AMC’s Breaking Bad (9.5), BBC’s Planet Earth II (9.5), HBO’s Band of Brothers (9.5), the original Planet Earth (9.4), HBO’s Game of Thrones (9.3) and HBO’s The Wire (9.3), according to IMDb’s ranking of TV shows.

Chernobyl is also receiving rave reviews in Australia. Currently available to stream on Foxtel Now, Chernobyl is Foxtel’s number one On Demand new series across 2019 to date.  The series will also premiere on FOX SHOWCASE today

Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television, said: “Chernobyl is another must-watch series from our partners at HBO. It’s a compelling account of the catastrophic tragic disaster in 1986 and tells the story with brilliant nuanced performances from a stellar cast. The series has attracted a huge amount of critical acclaim both here and in the US and is being enjoyed by our digital audience on demand and on Foxtel Now.”

Chernobyl dramatizes the story of the massive explosion of the nuclear power plant in the Ukraine that released radioactive material across Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and as far as Scandinavia and western Europe. The limited series was shot on location in Ukraine and in a partly decommissioned nuclear power plant in Lithuania.

Chernobyl was written, created and executive produced by Craig Mazin (The Huntsman: Winter’s War) and directed by Johan Renck (Breaking Bad); produced by Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint and Word Games as an HBO/Sky co-production. Carolyn Strauss (Emmy® winner for Game of Thrones) and Jane Featherstone (Broadchurch) executive produced; Johan Renck and Chris Fry (Humans) co-executive produce; Sanne Wohlenberg (Black Mirror) produces.

Chernobyl is currently available to stream on Foxtel, and will premiere on FOX SHOWCASE on Wednesday, June 12 at 8.30pm.