MasterChef Australia
Source: 10 Network

MasterChef Australia Elimination #8.

Leah Milburn-Clark, Victoria, 22, Theatre Manager.

A burnt paella base has spelt the end of Leah’s time in the MasterChef Australia kitchen, making the 22-year-old Theatre Manager the first casualty from Secrets Week.

After failing to impress in yesterday’s Invention Test, Leah, Kyle and Anushka arrived at the kitchen to find Leno Lattarulo from Simply Spanish standing proudly next to his paella, which has twice been awarded the best paella outside of Spain.

The paella recipe remained a closely guarded secret today, so the contestants had only their instincts and ability with flavours to call on when making their own version of Leno’s masterpiece.

This was Leah’s third Pressure Test but she was confident that she would come out a survivor from today’s elimination as she thrived when working under pressure. 

Unfortunately, Leah struggled early in the cook, deciding to use rockling as the base of her stock while the other two contestants used seafood shells. When Gary and Leno visited Leah’s bench, they questioned her stock flavour and worried it didn’t have the same depth as Leno’s stock.

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