Golden State Warriors take on Toronto Raptors in NBA FINALS plus NHL STANLEY CUP FINALS this week on ESPN/KAYO

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Starting today (Tuesday 28 May), NHL and NBA fans can catch every game from the NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Finals, LIVE on Foxtel’s ESPN channel or via the new multi-sport streaming service KAYO.

Kicking things off on Tuesday, ice hockey fans can catch six-time Stanley Cup winners, Boston Bruins go head-to-head with St. Louis Blues, a team that has never taken out the title, playing a best of seven games, in a quest for the Stanley Cup.

Commencing Friday, 31 May, two-time defending champions Golden State Warriors will take on Toronto Raptors, vying the title of champions in a best of seven games.

Fans can watch/stream the action LIVE, or if they miss the start, can jump in and watch from the beginning, thanks to Kayo’s ‘from start’ feature. For viewers who want to watch the game later, all matches will be available for up to 72 hours after each match has ended.

As some of the matches play out during the Australian work day, Kayo’s picture in picture function will give fans the ability to have the match playing in the corner of their desktop screen, while still working at their desk.

Attention then turns to next month’s NBA Draft where fans will be eager to see their team’s new recruits, with all the action on Foxtel and Kayo (June 21).



Boston Bruins vs. St. Louis Blues (All times are in AEST)

May 28 at 10.00am: Game 1

May 30 at 10.00am: Game 2

June 2 at 10.00am: Game 3

June 4 at 10.00am: Game 4

June 7 at 10.00am: Game 5

June 10 at 10.00am: Game 6

June 13 at 10.00am: Game 7



Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors (All times are in AEST)

May 31 at 11.00am: Game 1

June 3 at 10.00am: Game 2

June 6 at 11.00am: Game 3

June 8 at 11.00am: Game 4

June 11 at 11.00am: Game 5

June 14 at 11.00am: Game 6

June 17 at 10.00am: Game 7