RECAP | Team QLD shine in reveal that divides the judges on HOUSE RULES

House Rules
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It was a tough reno that produced some lovely innovations, but overall the judges were left a little underwhelmed by some of the teams this week. “I’m getting to point of absolute frustration that the teams have not followed the rules,” said Wendy Moore surveying dark wooden floorboards littered with footprints. Mikaela & Eliza, Katie & Alex and Lisa & Andy all felt LLB’s wrath receiving a three for their zones. The judges saved their praise for Shayn & Carly with the Sunshine Coast couple finishing on top of the leaderboard with 26 points, three points ahead of Pete & Courtney in second place with 23 points. 


Tonight’s scores:


 MIKAELA & ELIZA (WA) Master bedroom and laundry

Jamie    6             

(Master bedroom) Are we thinking this just a tad over lit? I mean there’s 16 lights in this room.

LLB         3             

(on the laundry) There is nothing wrong with ignoring a House Rule if you can come up with something so stunningly better, but what Mikaela & Eliza have done is something even worse.

Wendy                 6

(on breaking the House Rule) Where is all the blue and green?


SHAYN & CARLY (QLD) Mud room, dining and bathroom

Jamie    9             

(on the divider between the mudroom and entry) It’s looks like something built for the outdoors.

LLB         8             

(on the mud room) I’m not sure a house this size needs its own duty-free shop just as you come through the door.

Wendy                 9             

(dining room) I really like the idea and I think it’s very, very close to being perfectly executed.


PETE & COURTNEY (VIC) Isabella’s room and kitchen

Jamie    8             

(on Isabella’s room) I think this is beautiful.

LLB         7             

It’s an incredibly grown-up design scheme that’s been made relevant for Isabella.

Wendy                 8             

This is a kitchen to be proud of.


KATIE & ALEX (NSW) Entry, hallway and lounge room

Jamie    6             

(hallway screen) I do like that screen. I think that with the light coming down on it is beautiful. It has a nice floating LED underneath it.

LLB         3             

The more you look, the more time you spend here, the worse it gets. There’s nothing sleek about it, there’s nothing industrial about it.

Wendy                 5             

(on the entry) In the right space this is fabulous light, but in here, I hate it!


LISA & ANDY (SA) Ensuite, WIR and den

Jamie    6             

(on the den) I love the roof, I like the lights, don’t; mind the mural.

LLB         3             

(on the TV) this is a den, somewhere to watch a sporting occasion. The best sporting occasion to watch on that is competitive origami – it is the smallest thing!

Wendy                 7             

I’m getting to the point of absolute frustration that the teams have just ignored the House Rules. I feel like they’ve just decided that black is more stylish than what Tim and Mat actually wanted.

Monday night on House Rules

:  Victorian brothers Tim and Mat see their renovated 1950’s weatherboard cottage for the first time. Will the homeowners think teams nailed the House Rules?

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