Seven commentator MICHAEL SLATER kicked off flight for bad behaviour

Michael Slater has been displaying ‘erratic’ behaviour according to our sources


Former cricketer Michael Slater has been kicked off a domestic flight amid an angry spat, following reports by TV Blackbox about his ‘erratic’ behaviour as a commentator for Seven.

Slater was involved in an extremely heated discussion with the two women he was travelling with while boarding Qantas flight QF2229, according to 2GB.  Witnesses say Slater was swearing and yelling abuse at one woman in particular.

Removing himself from the situation, Slater locked himself in the bathroom and refused to come out, delaying the plane from taking off.

A Qantas spokesperson said;

“A male passenger was asked to leave the aircraft for being disruptive. He complied with the crew’s request.”

The news comes off the back of an exclusive report by TV Blackbox about Slater’s alleged ‘erratic’ behaviour behind the scenes during his time as a Channel 7 commentator for the cricket.

Sources within the network told Kevin Perry he was 'unreliable' and displayed 'temper' issues, leading him to miss some scheduled BBL matches.

When TV Blackbox initially asked for a response to the allegations Seven refused to comment, but contacted us after the story was published to refute our claims Seven was looking to terminate his contract.

TV Blackbox understands he is in the middle of a 2 year deal.

Slater has issued a statement to 2GB about the incident on the plane;

“I did have an argument with 2 friends whilst boarding a flight to Wagga and I apologise for the inconvenience this caused other passengers on the flight.”

We have approached Seven for comment about this new turn of events.