Pauline Hanson attacks Deb Knight over TODAY's bad ratings | #auspol

Pauline Hanson attacks Deb Knight over poor ratings for the TODAY Show

The One Nation leader says ‘bring Karl back’ after tough questioning

Extraordinary scenes have played out on Channel 9’s TODAY show this morning during an interview with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

After being asked by co-host Deb Knight about declining poll numbers Hanson went on the attack;

“Deb since you’ve actually taken over you’ve actually gone down in your viewership”

The statement prompted an off-camera response from Knight, who said;

“Oh, you’re having a go”

Hanson continued her spray;

“So, should you hand over your job or should we bring Karl back? Well, should we bring Karl back? You know, you have a go at me about this all the time, about the polls, going down in the polls, the people will have their say.”

TODAY’s ratings issues have garnered plenty of coverage in the press (and on this website) since its relaunch in January with Deb Knight replacing Karl Stefanovic who was removed from the program.

For her part, Knight handled the situation like a pro, and explained why she was asking tough questions;

“Well, I’m not having a go personally Pauline, it’s my job to ask you questions.”

According to;

Today’s Twitter account shared a video clip of the angry criticism, before promptly deleting it just minutes later.

And a video of the interview shared to the show’s Facebook page curiously misses the whole attack on Today’s ratings and Knight’s job.

Unfortunately, it’s an easy card to play from anyone now facing tough questioning on the show and one that will ensure headlines.