EXCLUSIVE | Channel 10 employee wins $10,000 on CELEBRITY NAME GAME

Channel 10 has broken its own terms and conditions by allowing a former employee to win $10,000

The launch of 10’s new game show is marred in controversy as the network breaks its own Terms and Conditions.

TV Blackbox can exclusively reveal one of the contestants who appeared on the premiere episode of the game show was a channel 10 employee as recently as November.

Andrew Logue worked in 10’s Pyrmont headquarters on Studio 10 and The Living Room for approximately 4 years before he left the network in November 2018.

Celebrity Name Game is shot in the same building and the casting of Logue contravenes the terms and conditions set out by the network itself.

Andrew shocked host Grant Denyer with his precision clues.

As the guest greeter and audience co-ordinator on Studio 10, Logue has worked with many celebrities that likely includes Celebrity Name Game host Grant Denyer.  Entering a TV studio for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially when taking part on a show as a contestant.  Logue has an advantage of having worked with the crew and possibly some cast, creating an ease in an environment his competitors might find overwhelming.

It’s no wonder he and his brother won the $10,000 prize. Logue commanded the stage with precision clues as Lisa Wilkinson and Tommy Little rolled through a rapid fire round with ease.

The moment former channel 10 employee ANDREW LOGUE wins $10,000

The terms and conditions clearly state that anyone taking part in the game show cannot have worked for Network 10 in the past 2 years.

TV Blackbox has confirmed Logue informed casting agents of his most recent work with The Living Room and he was told it “wasn’t an issue”.

Logue is a straight shooter, a nice young guy who plays by the book. TV Blackbox does not believe for one minute he would lie. The decision to allow him to take part was made by producers who obviously wanted good talent (and Logue really delivered).

Its not unusual for a 2 to 3 year blackout period to be applied to ex-employees wanting to appear on game shows. In fact it’s standard stuff.

Channel 10 has been contacted for comment but they do not usually reply to TV Blackbox