TV Blackbox delivers audience growth of 222% in 3 months

In late 2018 Kevin Perry, Steve Molk and Rob McKnight decided to join forces by merging two TV-themed websites. The result has seen significant growth and a vast array of stories delivered daily.

Australia is well serviced by a range of media websites but we felt we could offer something different with exclusive stories and opinion pieces. There was no big plan in place though, the amalgamation of the websites came from the understanding that it’s extremely hard to maintain a website on your own.

In fact, in addition to Kevin, Molk and myself, we have a range of contributors who are delivering great content every day and we are grateful for their involvement.

When the new launched in January we generated a unique audience of 46,000. As this was a starting point for a new website we were pretty happy with that result. When that figure jumped to 80,000 in February we were excited, but cautious - would we be able to maintain the growth? In March that question was answered with a staggering 148,000 unique visitors to the website.

"TV Blackbox has become an important voice in the Australian media landscape, in no small part because of the work put in by Kevin, Rob and our many contributors. The website and the podcast continue to build and gain traction because our audience know they'll get informed opinion, important TV news, and something a little bit extra from us. What a great team to be a part of." - Steve Molk

While there’s still long way to go we wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has shown their support (some publicly, most privately). Industry insiders who share their scoops with us know their anonymity is completely guaranteed. We value our contacts and relationships.

"I've been writing about the Australian TV industry since 2013, but these last 3 months have been the most enjoyable. Website clicks is obviously important, but what I've really appreciated is the audience engagement and positive feedback we have received across all our various Web and Social Media platforms." - Kevin Perry

From everyone at TV Blackbox, thank you!