10 confirms May premiere for FIVE BEDROOMS as network looks to local drama for 2019 relaunch

Harry (Roy Joseph), Ben (Stephen Peacocke), Liz (Kat Stewart), Ainsley (Katie Robertson), Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan)  image - 10

Harry (Roy Joseph), Ben (Stephen Peacocke), Liz (Kat Stewart), Ainsley (Katie Robertson), Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan)
image - 10

The 10 Network has confirmed a May premiere date for its new locally produced drama series Five Bedrooms.

The announcement comes after last weeks airdate announcement for local comedy series Mr Black, 10 will also return a second season of Playing For Keeps later this year, with the network hopeful an increased investment in local drama will help to distinguish it from streaming platforms.

Five Bedrooms features a stellar cast including; Kat Stewart, Stephen Peacocke, Doris Younane, Katie Robertson, Roy Joseph, Kate Jenkinson and Hugh Sheridan.

The series tells the story of a group of very different people. With very different backgrounds. At very different stages of life.

It all starts at a wedding. A big, bright, over-catered wedding. The giddy, terrified newlyweds are posing for their 7000th photo of the night. Sozzled guests are losing sight of their children, losing track of their alcohol consumption and embarrassingly attempting to Vogue.

But we’re not with them. No. We’re on the singles’ table. You know the one. It’s near the back of the room, next to the speakers. It’s a refuge of misfits and lonely hearts. Different ages. Diverse professions. One common, inescapable, unchanging relationship status.

And on this night, on the back of several bottles of champagne, our singles jokingly arrive at a solution – if not to their love lives, then at least to their real estate angst and their inability to get a foot on the property ladder: they could pitch in and buy a house together. Like, a really big house. A house beyond the reach of any of their married friends. It’s a crazy idea. Plus they’re drunk. And they will most likely just forget about it in the morning.

But then our singles wake, desperately hung over, many of them facing another painful day of house hunting and bills and work and reality. A reality which is, if we’re being totally honest, lonely. And suddenly this out-of-left-field real estate option is strangely compelling.

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? A recipe for disaster, surely? You can’t co-invest, much less co-habit with people you barely know…

Unless it was just for six months. Unless there were strict parameters, you know, things like no sleeping together, no surprises. With such clear ground rules, how bad could it be? There's just one glaring problem: they'll have to actually live with each other.

Five Bedrooms is a Hoodlum Entertainment production for Network 10. Major production investment from Screen Australia. Financed with support from Film Victoria.

Five Bedrooms premieres Wednesday, May 15 At 8.30pm On 10 And WIN Networks.