RECAP | Matt and Luke earn place in Sunday's MKR Grand Final

Matt & Luke through to Sunday's MKR Grand Final
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Despite stuff ups from both teams, Tuesday’s episode was the strongest Semi-Final in MKR history, including the best dessert Pete’s had in 10 years of MKR from Matt & Luke and a caramel flan from Andy & Ruby that took Colin to heaven.

But only one team could triumph and it was Matt & Luke’s creative, confident, modern Australian cooking which just edged out the Peruvians’ showcase of culinary heritage to earn themselves a place in the 2019 Grand Final opposite Ibby & Romel.


Teams had to show they deserve to compete in the Grand Final against Ibby & Romel by serving a knockout three course meal, with 90mins for entrée, 60mins for main and 30mins for dessert.  Judges Pete and Manu were joined by Colin Fassnidge and guest judges Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan to taste and score each team’s entire menu out of 10. The team with the lowest total score would be eliminated.


Andy & Ruby

  • Entrée: Tuna Wonton Cones

  • Main: Seco do Carne (Coriander Beef Stew)

  • Dessert: Tocino del Cielo (Caramel Flan)


Matt & Luke

  • Entrée: Kangaroo Tartare with Wattleseed and Nasturtium

  • Main: Pappardelle with Abruzzese Lamb Ragu

  • Dessert: Chocolate Tart with Espresso Semifreddo



Andy & Ruby

Guy 10
Karen 9
Liz 9
Colin 9
Manu 10
Pete 10

Total - 57/60


Matt & Luke

Guy 10
Karen 10
Liz 10
Colin 9
Manu 10
Pete 10

Total - 59/60


Andy: “So close but the boys cooked better and they deserve the spot. It’s devastating but we’re really happy with what we’ve done throughout the whole competition.”

Ruby: “We have put Peru on the map, that was our main goal. We’re really, really happy and proud.”



  • Andy & Ruby’s entrée lacks consistency but Matt realises he’s stuffed up dessert “This is an absolute disaster”

  • Matt & Luke are through to the Grand Final “I’m stunned, I’m honestly stunned; I’m just so excited we get to cook again together because I don’t want it to end”



The first all-male Grand Final showdown in MKR history! Will socialites Ibby & Romel or cricket mates Matt & Luke be crowned 2019 MKR Champions?

A magnificent end to a milestone season as our two best teams of homecooks compete for $250,000 and the title of 2019 MKR Champions. It will be an epic battle of pride and passion as they produce a five-course menu and more than 100 plates for a packed restaurant of family, friends, eliminated teams and, in a series first, 10 judges in celebration of 10 years of MKR. The pressure is at an all-time high - which team will triumph?