RECAP | MY KITCHEN RULES eliminations make room for the semi finals

My Kitchen Rules
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LAST NIGHT – Three teams were eliminated over two rounds as the Semi-Final line-up was decided.

Victor & G were sent home when their stodgy risoni failed to impress the child critics or judges. Then, Andy & Ruby’s salmon in spicy broth had the edge over sophisticated offerings from Lisa & John and Josh & Austin. This means Ibby & Romel, Matt & Luke, Pat & Bianca and Andy & Ruby will battle it out in the Semi-Finals.


Three teams have already made it through to Semi-Finals; four teams are still fighting for a spot - this is their last chance to advance. In an MKR first, there will be a triple elimination! Their fate will be decided over two rounds.

Round 1

Teams must prepare a fruit and veg dish for kids that has every colour of the rainbow. One team will be eliminated at the end of this challenge. 

ANDY & RUBY - Mexican Burger with Pineapple Salsa and Corn

Pete: 10

Manu: 10

Total Score: 20/30

JOSH & AUSTIN - Pork & Bacon Veggie Bowl with Mango & Blueberries

Pete: 8

Manu: 7

Total Score: 15/20 

LISA & JOHN - Mango Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice

Pete: 9

Manu: 8

Total Score: 17/20

VICTOR & G - Chicken Risoni with Blistered Tomatoes, Grilled Peaches & Apricots

Pete: 6

Manu: 7

Total Score: 13/20


Barmen Victor & G, VIC

Round 2

Teams have survived cooking for kids. Now they must create a sophisticated dish for an adult palate, using luxury ingredients which elevate the dish for the more discerning diner. Two teams will be eliminated at the end of this challenge.

ANDY & RUBY - Miso Salmon in Spice Broth

Diners’ average score: 9

Pete: 10

Manu: 10

Total Score: 29/30

JOSH & AUSTIN - Beef & Lobster Tartare with Vodka Crème Fraiche

Diners’ average score: 8

Pete: 9

Manu: 8

Total Score: 25/30

LISA & JOHN - Duck with Peaches and Medeira Jus

Diners’ average score: 8

Pete: 10

Manu: 9

Total Score: 27/30


Peruvians Andy & Ruby, QLD


Home schooled brothers Josh & Austin, NSW

Josh: “Our experience on My Kitchen Rules has been rewarding. We love cooking now and we absolutely want to bring our flavours to the world.”

Mother and son Lisa & John, WA

Lisa: “Been an absolutely once in a lifetime opportunity. We’ve learnt so much. I love this guy.”



·        Colin has words with a difficult (but very cute) child customer “I don’t even like one of those”

 ·        Victor & G are the first team to be eliminated “This is b*llsh*t”

 ·        Andy & Ruby are the last team through to Semi-Finals “This means Lisa & John and Josh & Austin – you have been eliminated”


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Socialites Ibby & Romel take on frenemies Pat & Bianca in the first Semi-Final!

Manu Feildel and Pete Evans are joined by Colin Fassnidge, Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan at the MKR Restaurant for the first Semi-Final of 2019. Tempers flare and stress levels peak as the pressure of Semi-Finals ignites the kitchen, while at the table the judges agree to disagree. Which team will earn a place in the Grand Final and the chance to claim the title of MKR Champions and $250,000?