THE CHASE beats 10’s primetime schedule, Eddie in trouble, and Goodbye Maestro | TV Blackbox S02E12

It's almost like we've done this one before...

A rollicking and robust discussion around the week in TV, including 10's continuing struggle (and how!), the explosive documentary outing One Nation as willing to sell Australia to the NRA, and the passing of a larrikin gentleman in Geoff Harvey.

Obviously there's way more than that - we've got heaps to talk about, and just hearing Rob attempt to say "Gogglebox" is worth the price of admission alone. Grab a coffee and a safe place and press play.

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the PR spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • THE CHASE beats everything on 10, except GOGGLEBOX AUSTRALIA.

  • Sexy times means troubled times for MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT.

  • EDDIE MCGUIDE is in trouble for something he said AGAIN.

  • STAN and DISNEY get into bed on new Australian drama.


  • ABC deliver some tricky stuff with their ratings coding of the MICF GALA.

  • Rob talks about Australia celebrating 30 years of regional TV aggregation.


  • Sarah delivers this week's HATCHES & DISPATCHES.

  • Molk delivers his weekly PROGRAMMING WRAP.

  • This week's BIG ISSUE: Was Al Jazeera's secret recording of One Nation ethical?

  • The team let loose on what they're watching this week.

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