THE MORNING SHOW beats TODAY and NEWS beats everything! WEEK 16 RATINGS WRAP

Larry Emdur & Kylie Gillies are going from strength to strength

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It wasn’t a Good Friday for the team at the TODAY show with Seven’s THE MORNING SHOW coming out on top… but is all as it seems?

The Easter non-ratings period might be throwing breakfast and morning TV into a spin, but without a new marquee reality show in prime time, NEWS programs dominated the ratings charts.

My Kitchen Rules is limping home, despite an upswing now that Married At First Sight is gone and The Bachelor In Paradise hasn’t been able to cash in on the huge amount of publicity the show has generated.

TV writer Colin Vickery asked on Twitter whether Channel 10 would do another season of Dancing With The Stars. For me there is no doubt they will, despite low ratings, as it is the only new show that’s had any sort of success for them in Q1.

The biggest surprise would be if we saw the return of Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway. If that show returns you know the network is completely out of ideas!

Seven moved into top position in the non-ratings period of Week 16 ahead of Nine and the ABC still managed to stay ahead of 10. With the return of MasterChef looming, we’ll get a true sense of whether the network can get in front of the ABC or will continue to languish in fourth place.


Seven: 30%

Nine: 27.2%

ABC: 18.6%

10: 16.4%

SBS: 7.8%



Primary channel shares tell a similar story with Seven (20%) out in front of Nine (17.8%) and the ABC (13.3%) ahead of 10 (10.7%).


**All data below has been calculated from overnight top 20 lists provided by OzTam, not adjusted figures**

BIGGEST SHOWS FOR EACH NETWORK (excluding nightly news)

SEVEN: MY KITCHEN RULES (Monday) - 850,000

NINE: A CURRENT AFFAIR (Monday - Friday) - 697,000


ABC: VERA (Sunday) - 729,000

News programs took out 7 of the top 10 spots last week with 7 News and 9 News claiming multiple entries.

My Kitchen Rules was the top entertainment show of the week with Monday’s edition drawing 850k viewers across the metros.

The dominance of news hid a bit of trouble for Nine in that its top entertainment show (taking away News AND Current Affairs) was Tuesday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory with 544k. A slew of ABC programs beat Nine’s offerings.

The mysterious (and controversial) avocadoTV account drew headlines surrounding breakfast TV this week

PHOTO: MediaSpy


In the week where a mysterious social media account made headlines with many believing the true author to be a television insider working in breakfast television, the ratings battle remained largely unchanged. Sunrise is the undisputed winner of the time slot, even during the fluctuating Easter period.

Even with potentially more audience available due to school holidays, Breakfast TV did not see any significant weekly gains.

On Good Friday TODAY was beaten by The Morning Show 207,000 to 176,000, although it should be noted TMS was only coded for an hour with a later start time of 10am. Sunrise averaged 274k from 7am - 10am which is a pretty decent result.


Morning TV really benefitted from school holidays, with both The Morning Show and Today Extra lifting significantly. Studio 10 only saw a slight increase which would be of concern (the show traditionally lifts on public holidays and school holidays).

As mentioned above, Good Friday saw a strong result for TMS, getting above 200k, while TODAY EXTRA did an impressive 155k. Studio 10 was way off the pace with 51k.


News programs took the top 5 places over the first week of Easter. There’s no doubt in the diminishing world of TV that older viewers still like watching news. Does this mean the broadcasters will essentially become 24 hour news channels going forward with some reality TV thrown in? And what will happen as those older viewers still watching TV are replaced by a younger generation who consume content from their mobile devices? TV is not dead yet but the trends are interesting!

The 9 NEWS hour pipped Seven at the post this week, but there were multiple occasions where Seven’s 6.30 programming was replaced by special events in some states, so we shouldn’t read too much into it.

In the main battle at 6pm 9 NEWS claimed Sydney and Melbourne (by a significant margin). 7 NEWS took bragging rights for Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Melbourne and Brisbane are the two most interesting battle zones at the moment. More on this next week!

A CURRENT AFFAIR continues to dominate at 7pm


It’s A Current Affair first and daylight second in the 7pm battle. ACA has proven to be so dominant in this time slot you really have to commend the team on being able to sustain its number 1 lead. The Project still struggles and continues to come fourth in the slot while ABC News and Home & Away battle it out for second.

The following charts have been provided by Nine and focus on commercial television;