Brooke Boney cashes in on her new found fame

TODAY’s new entertainment reporter Brooke Boney

PHOTO: Radio Today

There are very strict rules regarding commercial endorsements for people employed by public broadcasters, but TODAY’s newest recruit has wasted no time looking for opportunities since her move from Triple J.

Unshackled from the confines of the ABC, SBS and NITV, Brooke Boney has done a deal with a local car dealership. In a gushing post on Instagram Nine’s new entertainment reporter goes to great lengths to thank Canterbury Mini Garage for her new set of wheels. Posing in front of a brand new car with a specialised promotional number plate Boney was keen to share her joy;

big thanks to the legends at @canterbury_mini_garage for sorting me out with a car after I very generously/stupidly gave my car to my little sister then started a job on the other side of town. Obviously I’m asking for red because it’s the fastest colour 

In the comments section of the post, Boney confirms she has “borrowed” the car for the time being.

Endorsements are a tricky thing for news based programs, but not unheard of. Boney would certainly not be the first person to cash in on her fame, in fact the show’s former co-host Lisa Wilkinson came under fire from the ABC’s Mediawatch program for spruiking supplement brand Nutra-Life.

It’s not uncommon for talent to be lent cars or products during their time in the spotlight. It’s seen as a win win situation for both parties; the company gets brand recognition from social media posts and the celebrity gets free goods and services (in this case a car). TV Blackbox can confirm we know of multiple instances where celebrities have been loaned cars for extended periods of use during their time in the spotlight.

So, is it an issue for Boney to be given a car?

That really depends on your point of view and where you draw a line re ethics for journalists. One could argue she is only the entertainment reporter and not the main presenter so is not likely to have to report on a company she has done a deal with. The biggest issue is the lack of declaring the deal in her post, although we did find evidence by trawling through the comments section where she explained to friends the car was on loan.

We’ve reached out to Channel Nine for their thoughts on the post and endorsement deal, but have not heard back.

One thing’s for sure, Boney is certainly making the most of her newfound fame.

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