Goodbye Dylan, Hello Money and Hypocrites | TV Blackbox S02E08

This week we're decidedly Brekky TV talk free! A gift to our regular listeners, though there are still trials and tribulations, celebrations and commiserations, and interest all around all things TV.

Recorded very early on Tuesday morning the team are able to pick up the sad news overnight of Luke Perry's death, adding to a sad week where we farewelled four others in the TV universe. Also Dan guides us through an important conversation facing the TV industry and how they address is.

Give the people that love you a hug today.

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the PR spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • Vale LUKE PERRY. (2:27)

  • MICHELLE GUTHRIE comes to a confidential settlement with the ABC. (4:27)

  • MANU FEILDEL gets snippy about MAFS (what about your backyard, mate?). (8:00)

  • NEIGHBOURS films at Mardi Gras. (10:47)

  • Rob asks is SCREEN AUSTRALIA funding for new series going to the right places? (12:04)

  • LOGIES voting is open - and does anyone care? (16:02)

  • Foxtel start production on a LAWYER X series. (22:32)

  • Will there be a gay BACHELOR AUSTRALIA? (26:50)

  • Sarah delivers this week's Hatches & Dispatches (29:14)


  • Molk leads us through how are the ratings faring in week 9 for 2019? (33:34)

  • Dan offers a special conversation about depression, suicide and the TV industry. (46:20)

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