Low-cost breast surgery gone wrong, and militant vegans | This weekend on SUNDAY NIGHT

Vegan Wars - Sunday Night
Source: Seven Network

Holidays from hell, breast surgery gone wrong and vegans on a fiery fight all part of Sunday Night this week.


It should have been the trip of a lifetime…sailing along the Norwegian coast on a luxury cruise ship and watching the magical Northern Lights. But for those on board the Viking Sky, it became the holiday from Hell. The ship’s engines died in freezing rough seas, trapping 1370 passengers in the middle of the ocean. The scenes on board are terrifying and impossible to comprehend. The situation became so chaotic that many holidaymakers had to be rescued by helicopter in the middle of the night.  But cruise industry insiders say the disaster could have been much, much worse. Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells caught up with the Australian passengers who survived the nightmare Norwegian cruise.


They’re wives and mothers who now carry physical and emotional scars that will likely never heal. These women were promised safe, low cost breast surgery. But instead they were left butchered, disfigured and with life threatening infections. No-frills Australian doctor Les Blackstock even woke his patients up mid-operation, demanding they make surgical decisions. And as Sunday Night’s Angela Cox discovers that’s just the beginning.


There’s an old saying “you are what you eat”. But these days with fad diets, non-gluten this and dairy-free that “you are what you don’t eat” is probably more accurate. Now militant vegans are trying to dictate what we have for dinner and it’s put them on a collision course with our farmers. The fight is getting loud and very ugly and it’s left the meat-eating public with a bad taste in its mouth. This week on Sunday Night, Denham Hitchcock finds out just how far vegans are willing to go in this fiery fight.

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