Calls to sack David Koch over Pauline Hanson interview

David Koch & Pauline Hanson on Sunrise this morning

PHOTO: The Daily Mail

An online petition is calling for David Koch to be sacked after his confrontational interview with Pauline Hanson this morning.

The Christchurch shooting has raised strong emotions and led to many debates over the nature of political discourse in this country so this morning Sunrise brought in Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch, two of their regular contributors, to discuss the issue.

The 10 minute discussion became heated from the get-go when host David Koch opened with this line directed at the One Nation senator;

“This terrorist manifesto almost reads like One Nation immigration and Muslim policy. Do you in any way feel complicit with this atrocity”

The conversation was very different in tone and style to usual segments with Kochie actively engaged in the conversation, challenging Hanson a number of times.

Hanson supporters have taken issue with the interview and have now set up a petition on calling for Koch to be sacked with the post saying;

This morning attack on Pauline Hanson by "Kochie" and Derryn Hinch was appalling. You've let this moron run his mouth for way too long. "Kochie" has no journalism skills and is a simpleton who simply rants about what he's told to like a good little sheep.

Time for him to go. Put someone on who actually has a clue. Someone who can call someone in for an interview and actually have an interview and not simply bully and talk over them the whole time.

At the time of writing, nearly 10-thousand people have signed the petition.