Michael Jackson had the personality traits of a serial killer

Michael Jackson in 2005


The new documentary LEAVING NEVERLAND has convinced people around the world that Michael Jackson is a peadophile. Wade Robson and James Safechuck provided graphic details of their alleged sexual relationship with the late King Of Pop, though many loyal fans refuse to believe their testimonies.

Now, Jackson’s family are suing the makers of the film saying that Michael could never have been capable of harming a child.

Well, the family and friends of serial killers say exactly the same thing.

Until the very moment they are caught, serial killers are able to catch victims because they don’t look like the ‘boogey man’. They come across as normal people, people you can trust.

While watching the film directed and produced by British filmmaker Dan Reed, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to cases I have covered in my true crime podcast Monsters Who Murder: Serial Killer Confessions.

Not only did Jackson show signs of a dual personality like a serial killer, but he was able to lead a double life and hide that life from his family and friends, if the allegations are to be believed.  There are also similarities in the behaviour of his victims to those caught up in peadophile rings.

Wade Robson, Michael Jackson and Brandi Jackson

PHOTO: Twitter

Brandi Jackson, a niece of Michael’s, was in a long term relationship with one of his accusers in the documentary - Wade Robson.  Their relationship started young and eventually became sexual six years later when they were in their late teens. She is angry with Wade for making these allegations and has recorded an interview with John Ziegler on the Free Speech Broadcasting podcast. In the interview she says she would have known if Wade had been abused by Jackson;

“I have no doubt he was not sexually abused by my uncle,”

“I know my uncle very well, I know that he would never do the things that Wade is claiming”.

The idea that we know what people are truly like doesn’t stack up when we look at the extreme example of serial killers. Amanda Howard, true crime author and my co-host on Monsters Who Murder, maintains it is easy for serial killers like Dennis Rader to lead a double life. Rader was also known as the BTK Strangler (Bind, Torture, Kill) and is serving ten consecutive life sentences for the murders of ten people;

True crime author Amanda Howard


“Not only (did he) rape and kill entire families at some point but he used to take graphic photos of himself in various stages of undress and bondage and his wife never knew about it.  He was doing that for 25, 30 years and his wife didn’t know.  This happens”

Amanda also says serial killers and peadophiles have the ability to lead double lives because they keep their dark secrets to themselves, just like serial killers;

“They have a facade, they don’t get away with this with multiple victims by putting it out there,”

“They keep that monster hidden until it’s time to pounce.  And this is why they often have long term relationships, several of them had wives and husbands, their children have no idea until they are arrested.  They can carry on these lives and even though it might be a facade, and the monster’s the true identity, they can still continue to live both realities”.

But Brandi Jackson is adamant nothing ever happened between Michael and Wade because she would have picked up on something;

Brandi Jackson

PHOTO: Instagram

“He was not abused.  His behaviour has never indicated anything of the sort and that’s also why his mother and his family, nobody ever suspected anything and they were always fine allowing him to be around Michael, they were there too.  There was nothing inappropriate to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

The idea of what is and isn’t inappropriate is open for debate of course, but it’s hard to justify allowing a seven year old boy to sleep in bed alone with a 35 year old man, but this happens because these predators build trust and when the abuse starts the victim helps keep their secret because of loyalty, love and fear after years of grooming.

The Jackson family remain adamant nothing happened, as Brandi reiterates in the interview with John Ziegler;

“From what I’ve known of Wade and how I’ve known him to grow up there was no indication that he had had any type of, I’m going to say sexual encounter of that nature, abuse of that nature”

Amanda says victims are very good at hiding the truth due to fear of the consequences of coming forward, especially with a loved one who might look at them differently. Amanda’s own husband was a victim of sexual abuse and didn’t tell her for years;

“I had no inkling for 5 years into our relationship until one day he rung me hysterical, he had been watching Prime Suspect and there was an episode about child sex predators. He rung me and said ‘I need you to come home’ and he blurted out his whole entire history of abuse. He went and got court papers out of a cupboard I didn’t even know existed and he told me his entire story of how he’d been abused by these peadophiles,”

“I had been doing criminology for several years by this point but it was so well hidden”.

Brandi also argues that because Wade is a confident man, who she alleges had an affair with Britney Spears and a string of other women, that he couldn’t be a victim of sexual abuse. Once again Amanda dismisses this narrative based on her own relationship with her husband;

“His sexual orientation was not guided by the grooming that he had gone through with several perpetrators as a child”.

There’s no doubt we want to support the people we love, but unless you were in that room with Michael and those children 100% of the time you cannot say nothing happened.  History tells us if someone wants to keep a dark secret they will until they’re caught.

You can hear more from Amanda in the latest episode of TV Blackbox HERE or in the player below;