10 blinks: SUNDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY bumped

Sunday Night Takeaway has been moved by Channel 10 to 7pm Sunday. The news was revealed by host Julia Morris in a tweet containing 4 photos.

Three of the pictures contain text indicating the time shift from it’s original 7.30pm start time.

Tweet 1: “7pm Sunday 16 on Ten”

Tweet 2: “7pm start This Sunday on Ten”

Tweet 3: “7pm start this Sunday on Ten”

Last night was another disaster for the the channel where Sunday Night Takeaway did a dismal 259,000 viewers and its entire network share was beaten by the ABC’s primary channel. 10 had a NETWORK share of 11.8% and a PRIMARY CHANNEL share of just 7.2%. The ABC’s PRIMARY CHANNEL was 13.6%.

TV Tonight has confirmed The Sunday Project will move to 6pm. That could spell disaster for the show with it trying to compete with Nine and Seven’s 6pm news offerings. Last night The Sunday Project was 10’s highest rating show with only 278,000 (and that is the 7pm coding only, it does not include the 6.30-7pm portion of the show).

The move reeks of desperation and is unlikely to achieve any gain as it is still up against Married at First Sight and My Kitchen Rules, although 10 will be hoping their afternoon coverage of Australian Grand Prix will deliver better audiences. presumably this scheduling change is designed to maximise that audience.

A move to 6pm or 6.30 for Sunday Night Takeaway might have actually made a difference but we will (presumably) have to wait until the following week for that one.

The news is so fresh that at the time of writing the official twitter page has not been updated.