EXCLUSIVE | SBS outsources local EUROVISION event to Denmark

Joel Creasey & Myf Warhurst host Eurovision - Australia Decides


The broadcaster has turned its back on Australian workers in a key role.

Over the past few years SBS has been riding a Eurovision high. What started as a niche event rebroadcast on the network has evolved to include Australian acts and specials. Tonight SBS will air a live event called Eurovision – Australia Decides where 10 new songwriting teams and artists will compete to represent Australia's entry for Eurovision 2019.

It’s a pretty big deal.

BUT it seems SBS doesn’t trust Australia’s award-winning local talent to direct this important event. TV Blackbox hears there is anger within the TV industry over the decision to import a director from Denmark instead of hiring from our local pool of talented Directors.

There is no doubt directing a Eurovision special is complex and challenging. Most of the camera shots are pre-programmed in a piece of software called CuePilot, which basically cuts from camera to camera at exactly the right time. The system is complex to be sure, but Australian directors have spent time learning the software and one prominent director has even sat in the OB (outside broadcast) truck during the Eurovision live event for first hand experience.

You can see CuePilot in action in the video below;

SBS are taking no chances with the event though and despite our long and proud history producing live television events, they have left this key role in the hands of a foreign worker.

The murmurs on the Gold Coast are getting louder and the industry is in near revolt. Let’s hope an Australian director is considered worthy enough next year.

SBS has been contacted for comment.