THE TODAY SHOW hits all-time ratings low

Nine’s Director of Morning Television & Executive Producer of THE TODAY SHOW Steve Burling

Audiences are promptly responding with their remotes as the revamped post-Stefanovic THE TODAY SHOW is falling way behind its competition.

Yesterday Nine’s breakfast show drew a meagre 177,000 viewers (OzTAM 5 city metro) compared to Seven’s Sunrise. Even in Sydney, where it has been bucking the trend, yesterday’s figures saw Today get thumped soundly.


Regional figures were as unkind to Nine’s breakfast show drawing only an extra 92,000 viewers to Sunrise’s 206,000 addition.

Yesterday’s numbers for Today represent a record low for the breakfast show that only two years ago was threatening to overtake Sunrise as the number one breakfast program in the country.

It’s also a swift and sound rejection of the Today’s new look, feel and line-up as while the numbers have been consistent they haven’t been competitive since it’s (re)launch on Monday 14 January, only coming close on the first Wednesday match-up.

Sunrise v Today - 2019 (OzTAM 5CM only; all figures 000's)

Speaking to TV Tonight recently Nine’s Director of Programming Hamish Turner offered his views on The Today Show:

“(so) It’s a marathon not a sprint, and I think even over the past week they have found their groove. They’re developing good chemistry and doing an OB is very different to the studio. I’m happy with where the show is sitting in terms of its life cycle.”

When contacted by TV Blackbox today Nine offered no comment on the numbers or the program.