Julia Morris & Chris Brown

PHOTO: Channel 10

Details about the first episode of Channel 10’s big variety show have been dropped.

It’s one of 2019’s biggest gambles. Can 10 pull off a live variety show in prime time on a Sunday night? Chris Brown and Julia Morris have fine form as hosts and have become an unlikely comedy duo.

Brown and Morris currently host the Aussie version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. In the UK the show is hosted by Ant & Dec. Now the Aussie hosts are following in Ant & Dec’s footsteps once again by recreating their other big show for an Aussie market.

TV Blackbox wonders what Grant Denyer makes of it all, after all he made a pilot with Seven for the same show some years back. We saw that pilot and will talk about it in the new episode of the podcast which will come out tonight.

Here’s the release from 10;

A Vet, A Comedian And An Ex-Footy Player Walk Into A Studio...
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A vet, a comedian and an ex-footy player all working together on Australian television – sounds like a triple threat to us!

And there’s no telling what mischief they’ll get up to when Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway premieres on Sunday, 24 February at 730pm.

Vet, Dr. Chris Brown and comedian, Julia Morris, have found the secret spice to giveyour Sunday night’s that extra zing. With the help of devilishly cheeky NRL legend,Beau Ryan, Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway is the sure-fire way to end your weekend with a bang.

Bursting out of the scrum and making a beeline for your Sunday nights, Beau will be pulling out all the strings when he hosts Chris Vs Julia each week.

In a head to head showdown, Chris and Julia lock horns in a test of mental and physical strength. The stakes are high, the consequences for the loser are dire.There’s no telling what will happen as they wrestle each other to the top of the podium. And, please note there may be wrestling involved.

Truly a man of the people, Beau will take some time away from shaking hands and kissing babies to host In For A Dollar. Creating mischief in cities around the country,he’ll invite unsuspecting punters to pay $1 for the chance to win a grand. If they’re ‘in for a dollar’, they must complete five rounds of crazy questions and hilarious tasksor walk away with nothing but a bruised ego.

In a 90-minute fiesta of live music, hilarious undercover pranks and amazing prizes,you’ll have absolutely no reason to leave the house on Sunday nights.

And besides, who doesn’t want to see what sort of mischief a vet, a comedian and anex-footy player can get up to on live television.

CHRIS & JULIA’S SUNDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY - premieres live on Sunday, 24 February at 7.30pm on 10.