RATINGS | TODAY bombs (big time) and DANCING WITH THE STARS does... okay

A shockingly bad result for Tom Steinfort, Georgie Gardner and Deb Knight

PHOTO: news.com.au

While all eyes were on the prime time battle last night, the biggest shock for executives at Nine came in the morning

The launch of 10’s Dancing with the Stars has been overshadowed by the shocking result for the TODAY show this morning. NINE’s breakfast program only drew 168,000 viewers compared to Sunrise’s 287,000. It’s a shocking result and one we felt compelled to discuss in a special vodcast (see below).

Meanwhile, 10’s big gamble relaunching Dancing With The Stars wasn’t exactly a home run with their primary channel coming fourth behind the ABC. Dancing came in at #12 , managing an okay 621,00 compared to 709k for Seven’s My Kitchen Rules and 1.205m for NINE’s unstoppable Married at First Sight.

The only other show to get over the magic million was SEVEN NEWS with 1.013m.


10 managed to reclaim third position in network shares however thanks once again to a strong result for 10 BOLD. It had an audience share of 3.8%, making it the #1 multichannel.

NETWORK SHARES Monday 18/02/19