Andrew Bolt bumped as Sky News and WIN introduce new evening Current Affairs program for Regional Australia


  Peter Gleeson  image - Sky News
Peter Gleeson image – Sky News

Sky News and WIN have announced further investment in regional free-to-air news channel Sky News on WIN with the launch of Sky News Across Australia with Peter Gleeson.

Premiering on Monday 27 January at 7pm AEDT the new program will combine the resources of Sky News and WIN, bringing viewers the stories that really matter to regional Australia, and explore the big issues facing communities outside of the big capital cities.

The introduction of the new program is likely to upset some Sky News On WIN viewers with the show set to occupy a timeslot currently filled by far-right commentator Andrew Bolt.

A spokesperson for Sky indicated Bolt would remain part of the regional channels line-up, but declined to provide further details when contacted by TV Blackbox:

Sky News program, The Bolt Report will continue to air weeknights on Sky News on WIN in a new timeslot, with further details on the full programming schedule to be made in the New Year.

The introduction of the new nightly regional current-affairs program comes after recent criticism of the free-to-air news channel after it failed to deliver live coverage of the NSW Bushfire issue due to broadcast rights issues.

Broadcasting LIVE weeknights on Channel 53 in Northern NSW and Channel 83 across WIN’s regional network, the new hour-long program hosted by Gleeson will cover issues affecting Australia’s heartland, including drought, water security, jobs, infrastructure, population and health.

Media commentator and former newspaper editor Peter Gleeson will host the program out of the Sky News Brisbane studio, holding Federal and State politicians to account on behalf of regional Australia.

During the program Peter will provide regional news updates, including breaking news from WIN newsrooms across the country. Sky News Weather meteorologists will produce a nightly weather forecast tailored specifically to viewers watching Sky News on WIN. Peter will also commission special features from Sky News reporters for a closer look at the people and places which make our nation great.

Andrew Lancaster, CEO WIN Network said:

“WIN’s commitment to local news in regional Australia is unmatched. We are proud to be taking that one step further and working with Sky News to create a bespoke one-hour program that will be only about regional Australian issues, weather and keeping conversations going on matters of importance to people in our viewing areas.

“We welcome Peter Gleeson to our Sky News on WIN channel and thank the Sky News team for working to deliver this new important program.”

Paul Whittaker, CEO of Sky News said:

“We’re proud to be partnering with WIN to continue investing in news and current affairs coverage in regional Australia. More than ever it’s so important that there are resources dedicated to sharing news updates and informing regional communities. This new program will speak specifically to our viewers outside our metro cities and provide them with the latest news they need to know.

“It’s great to have Sky News Across Australia with Peter Gleeson added to the program line-up on Sky News on WIN. Now viewers can start their day with Headline News from 6:00am with fresh news headlines every 15 minutes and get the latest story developments and the news they may have missed throughout the day with Peter Gleeson.”

Peter Gleeson added:

“Having grown up in regional Australia, I have an affinity and understanding of what makes these cities and towns tick. This will be a unique show that delves into not only the big issues that confront regional Australians but the news and views of everybody linked to these areas.”




Kevin Perry
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  1. Watched Gleeson, most boring, non topical hour of television since the ABC. Guess I’ll watch SBS or turn off. No Bolt no WIN.

  2. Spot on White bear,who is the mental giant that decided to air Andrew Bolt after I’ve gone to bed. Andrew Bolt was the original reason I tuned in to Sky News.Then I discovered Outsiders, the best broadcast of all.Paul Murray is very good too,I suppose its the same mental giant that decided we can only watch half his show.
    Acolades to Alan,Peta,Richo,Rita and Rowan, the rest I can take or leave.

  3. Very disappointed with Win on moving Andrew Bolt to a late night time slot. We already have local news during the day- no need to have it regurgitated by Gleeso.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the in depth topics and interviews by Andrew Bolt and I will make my point by no longer tuning into WIN tv at this time slot and I hope many more ‘ quiet Australians’ do likewise

  4. Very disappointed with Win on moving Andrew Bolt to a late night time slot. We already have local news during the day- no need to have it regurgitated by Gleeso.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the in depth topics and interviews by Andrew Bolt and I will make my point by no longer tuning into WIN tv at this time slot and I hope many more ‘ quiet Australians’ do likewise

  5. Stupid move Sky, You will loose your viewership in this time slot. Gleeso, is on at the moment and after posting I’ll switch him off for good. Will be interesting to see how long Sky takes to do the same. Other Bolt fans you can podcast his show the next day or record it to watch later. Shame Sky Shame.

  6. Peter
    OK so first 2GB changes the format on our behalf (NOT) now SKY moves Bolt to the insomniac slot..big mistake. Lefties are taking over

  7. Poor form by WIN for moving Bolt. His replacement is “bat shit”boring and I’ll be moving along with many others. Morry

  8. Poor form by WIN for moving Bolt. His replacement is “bat shit”boring and I’ll be moving along with many others. Morry

  9. Sky News has lost 2 viewers on the 7pm timeslot. Andrew Bolt should be returned to the 7pm viewing time. Peter Gleeson is a good reporter but he lacks the charisma and connection with the public that Andrew Bolt has earned through years of journalism experience. We are very disappointed with Sky News decision.

  10. We are very annoyed we cannot get Andrew Bolt at 7 pm. 10 pm is far too late for older country viewers, and Sky should have left it at the old time.
    Farmers are usually early risers and after working all day don’t want to sit up half the night to watch their favourite program.

    Llew & Nan

  11. We totally agree with L Mitchell! Andrew Bolt was in a great lineup of well informed current affair shows that the larger majority of society can relate to. His show is so interesting and informative and every topic he talks on is well researched and full of commonsense.
    We turn off now until 8.00p.m. when other commonsense shows are on.
    We are not happy as are many others!

    Sue and Dan

  12. My husband and I used to have a nightly routine of enjoying Andrew Bolts excellent reporting.We feel it’s a mistake to take him off this prime time as we find Mr Gleeson does not hold our attention as well as Mr Bolt does. Please bring him back!

  13. What a shame, we enjoyed Andrew Bolts reports. Peter Gleeson is no substitute. We now only watch Cedlin, even her show is more about her than taking the fight to the pollies about self interest & submission to the loud crowd.

  14. 10 pm is too late.

    My wife is about to see a psychiatrist to cope with not have Andrew Bolt to watch at 7 pm.

  15. You just had to slip in “far right” didn’t you? What a load of crap! Bolt isn’t “far right,” but because he has the guts to speak out, you demonise him. Seriously over this left/right bubble of nonsense. Do I agree with all he believes? No. But then, when does anyone believe in everything someone says? I wish society would realise the left vs right is just a way to distract us while our governments get on with slyly taking away our Rights, making deals that line their pockets but will eventually destroy our country. It’s the same deal in nearly all western Countries. Anyway, I’m here writing this coz I think Murdoch made a blunder moving Bolt’s time slot and just wanted to say that I bet it stings their ratings. I have to wonder though if they think he’s a liability but can’t sack him yet, so moved his show instead? Wouldn’t surprise me, after all, the elites all lunch together no matter their “left/right” preferences.

  16. Adrian, I am afraid to say that I am also disappointed with Anrew Bolt being relegated to a later timeslot. Sky should realize that most of their viewers are not the party goers and late night club scene. We are the older generation who enjoy the Bolt report because we can relate to the issues. Nothing against Gleeso but I looked forward to Andrew. Sky might consider subtitles as well.

  17. You’re all whining about Bolt being moved from 7pm to 10pm? Consider yourselves lucky. In Tasmania, channel 83 has ditched the Bolt Report completely! AND to describe Bolt as far right is disengenuous… Not happy!!!

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