RECAP | The wedding is off for Milly and Micah on BRIDE & PREJUDICE


  Bride & Prejudice   Source: Seven Network
Bride & Prejudice Source: Seven Network



The wedding’s off for Milly and Micah

With her wedding just days away, Milly was having huge doubts about marrying Micah after the disastrous lunch with Micah’s mother, Deidre and Catherine. She hoped a one-on-one therapy session with Leanne could help save them but Micah was angry and Milly felt he was full of hate and not supporting her.

Therapy didn’t heal their rift and Leanne told Micah that he was stuck in his anger. Milly was distraught and realised that Micah hadn’t changed. He’d gone back to his bad old ways and was not the role model she wanted for their son, Julian.

That evening Milly told Micah the wedding was off and Micah stormed through the retreat while Dannii and Denton supported a distressed Milly. Micah left the retreat and Milly packed her bags and travelled to her mum’s place where she told a supportive Catherine what had happened.

Catherine: “It was a real test having you all in the house, in a bubble basically and really testing your relationship. You’re sad now, but you’re better off. You know you’re not his saviour. Honey, you’re not going to save him. He’s got to save himself and you can’t marry someone because you feel sorry for them. He needs to prove himself and he hasn’t. You’re the bravest person I know at the moment. You’re beautiful darling. So proud. I can’t believe you’ve done this, I just want to celebrate.”


Dannii marries Denton without her mother’s blessing

Dannii and Denton’s wedding day arrived and while Denton couldn’t be happier, Dannii was upset after receiving a text from her mum, Donna and sister, Dee telling her it wasn’t too late to change her mind and she could just come home. Dannii wasn’t sure if she could go through with the wedding without her family there.

Donna: “I’m not feeling too good. This is wrenching at my heart now. I’m pretty upset that I’ve been put in this position to make a decision on what could’ve been a great day.”

Dee: “It hasn’t been easy. I would love to go to Dannii’s wedding, but this is also really heartbreaking because of my mum. My mum’s really upset and it’s a really difficult situation.” 

Donna: “If I didn’t go, she would probably be wild and upset with me, but he doesn’t deserve to be in our family. I hope she doesn’t go through with it, the wedding today. I hope she leaves him standing there like a spare prick at a wedding.”

With encouragement from Jess and JoJo and a phone call to Denton, Dannii decided to go ahead with the wedding. She was holding out hope for her mum and sister to come, but as she was driving to the ceremony, Dannii made a last minute call to learn Donna and Dee wouldn’t be coming to the ceremony. Dannii was devastated and wasn’t sure she could marry Denton without her family’s blessing. Denton was left waiting at the altar wondering if his bride-to-be would turn up. Momentarily, Dannii asked the driver to take her home minutes before her wedding was due to begin.

But in the end, with the support of JoJo, Dannii decided she wanted to marry Denton even without her family because she loves him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

After all the dramas and doubts, their ceremony was perfect and full of love as they exchanged their vows in front of their friends and Denton’s family.


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The night before her wedding, Tori meets with Mary-Ann, but the atmosphere between daughter and mother is tense. Tori wants Mary-Ann at the wedding but only if her heart is in it. Mary-Ann walks out on their discussion leaving Tori questioning whether she will come to the wedding. The night before Jess and JoJo are due to marry, JoJo has huge doubts her deeply religious parents will accept her same sex marriage. Lody tells JoJo that she still is not sure she can come, but it breaks her heart that her daughter is sad.






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