RECAP | Nathan’s mum Laurelle celebrates his wedding day on BRIDE & PREJUDICE


  Bride & Prejudice  Source: Seven Network
Bride & Prejudice Source: Seven Network



Mary-Ann fails to make peace with Tori

James’ mother, Deborah and step-dad, Barry arrived to help him choose his wedding suit and were keen to help resolve the issues between Tori and Mary-Ann over a family lunch. The lunch began awkwardly as expected, especially between Tori and her mother, Mary-Ann. Deborah began asking questions forcing Mary-Ann to reiterate that she was not interested in discussing the issues between herself and Tori.

Mary-Ann: “I am going to be the bigger person. Victoria, the past 28 years have been hell or high water for both of us. We have both said and done some horrible, regretful things. I can’t say any more than, Victoria, I love you with all my heart. However, if you don’t want me at this wedding, I won’t be at it, but it is something I will regret for the rest of my life and I believe eventually you will.”

Tori: “I don’t know why you want to be at a wedding so badly. Is it for bragging rights? Because you don’t treat me like a daughter. You don’t care about my emotional feelings.”

Mary-Ann: “Victoria, how can you say for bragging rights?”

Tori: “You…”

Mary-Ann: “Victoria, remember it was initially about James and I.”

Tori: “It doesn’t matter if it was about James and you to begin with.”

Mary-Ann: “You have turned the tables and wanted to make it about you and I.”

Tori: “But it is about you and I.”

Mary-Ann: “No. It was about James and I.”


Nathan’s mum Laurelle celebrates his wedding day!

Waking on their wedding morning, Nathan and Codie Lea were excited for their big day. Nathan’s groomsmen arrived to help him prepare; the only thing missing for Nathan as he waited at the alter was his mother. But at the last minute, Laurelle arrived and Nathan was overjoyed. It was an emotional moment for them both with Laurelle almost too overwhelmed to speak. In the end, it was a perfect wedding full of love for Codie Lea and Nathan and having Laurelle there with them completed their day, and their family.

Nathan: “I’m standing at the altar. Everyone has taken their seat. I’m still wondering whether my mother is going to turn up. When mum turned up, it was really good to see her. It lifted my spirits up a bit more.”

Laurelle: “I was proud of Nathan standing there today and I couldn’t talk. I was a bit gobsmacked for words.”

Nathan: “I didn’t think you were coming after last night. I didn’t think you would be here at all. (“Say hello to my mum everyone”).Thanks for coming, it means the world.”

Laurelle: “No worries.”

Nathan: “I have everyone here now. Grandad’s here. My mother made it; my grandfather made it, so there was a lot more than I expected.”

Laurelle: “Good luck today.”

Nathan: “Thank you.”

Laurelle: “Enjoy your day.”

Nathan: “I will. I’ve been enjoying it, it’s been great.”

Laurelle: “That’s good.

Laurelle: “I wanted to see him and see the love between Codie and him today. I just want to be a part of my son’s life and apart of Codie’s and I do want to be a part of my granddaughter’s life.”


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Dannii and Denton’s wedding day has arrived and while Denton couldn’t be happier, Dannii is anxious not knowing if her mother and sister will be there to support her. As Dannii and Denton get set to walk down the aisle, could another be calling it quits?







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