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  Bride & Prejudice  Source: Seven Network
Bride & Prejudice Source: Seven Network



Dannii’s got cold feet!

Dannii and Denton’s houseboat holiday took a dive when Dannii confided in her mum, Donna and sister, Dee, that she had doubts about getting married. When Denton found out, he confronted Donna and Dee, blaming them for seeding doubt in Dannii’s mind.

Denton: “That’s the funny thing, because there is no doubt in my mind and before we came here today, there was no doubt in Dannii’s mind. But then talking to you, all of a sudden there is doubt again. It’s a vicious circle. It always happens.”

Donna: “But Denton, I didn’t actually give Dannii any advice. Dannii actually spoke to me.”

Danni: “I spoke to mum, Denton.”

Donna: “And she told me how she felt.”

Denton: “Yeah, okay that’s even better, thanks Dans.”

Dannii: “Hey!”

Donna: “But, I didn’t really actually give you advice Dans.”

Dannii: “No. I said to mum ‘I’m shitting myself at the moment’ and I am shitting myself. I’m freaking out.”

Denton: “I’m not, at all.”

Donna: “Denton, do you actually really know how Dannii feels about getting married?”

Denton: “She said two days ago that she can’t wait and that she’s super excited. Then she talks to you and she goes ‘I don’t know if I want to do it anymore.”


Lody’s torn between her daughter and her husband

Jess’ parents arrived to help her choose her wedding dress and were shocked to hear the things Sid and Lody had said to the couple and that they weren’t coming to the wedding. Jess’ mum pleaded with Lody to change her mind and be there for her daughter. Lody was left torn between her husband and her daughter.

Lody: “We do everything for our children.”

Kathy: “Well, continue doing and be there.”

Lody: “But I’m getting caught in the middle here. It’s so hard, it’s really hard. And when I hurt him and when I hurt my daughter, I love my daughter but I also love my husband too.”

JoJo: “But I didn’t bring you here for nothing, so I was hoping at the end of the day my parents would be there and somehow we could put our views aside and that we could just be a family. Just be a mother and a father being there to support their daughter on their wedding day. They’re very religious but we’re not getting married in a church.”

Jess: “Oh I would never want to get married in a church. I’m sorry, but it’s the most judgemental place on this earth.”

Sid: “They don’t judge, they can’t judge, but they talk yes.”

JoJo: “But they do, but they do. They crucify people who don’t conform to their ways and don’t live by their ways and don’t live by their book.”

Lody: “Joanne not all people are the same.”

JoJo: “No, no but unfortunately there is enough of them that speak for majority of them.”

Sid: “If we do the wrong thing, yeah of course they are going to talk.”

Kathy: “I believe in the Lord but I don’t think the Lord expected me to turn my back against my children.”


Micah’s mum Deirdre confronts Catherine 

Micah’s mum Deirdre arrived from California to hear that Catherine had called her son a “deadbeat dad.”

Micah: “We had one day where Catherine was invited along to therapy, so I talked about what happened in 2017 when she kicked me out of her house for smoking cannabis.”

Deirdre: “She kicked him out on the street with nowhere to go in a foreign country.”

Micah: “I was honest with her, like I was in a really dark place; I was really depressed and I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t handle it well.”

Deirdre: “I don’t think any of you handled it well to tell you the truth. You know I don’t even know if you knew this, but I asked her, I said ‘from one mum to the next, I need you to make sure that my son is safe’ and you know, she didn’t do that.”

Micah: “It’s alright. I just lived out of a hostel for two weeks.”

Deirdre: “But it hurt me because as a mum, that’s hard for me to forgive you know? She didn’t do it to me, but I said ‘please, I’m asking you’ and you know, she just said ‘no, I’m not going to’.”

Micah: “You will never get that woman to admit any wrong doing.”

Catherine had high hopes for a nice lunch with Deirdre, Milly and Micah but the meeting spiralled out of control. Deirdre demanded to know why Catherine kicked Micah out of her home. Catherine said she wouldn’t tolerate a “drug addict” under her roof. As Catherine and Deirdre argued, Micah joined in attacking Catherine telling Milly his mother hated Catherine. Upset, Catherine walked out and Micah began drinking heavily at the table. He believed any progress they had made up until this point had been destroyed – they were back at square one, a week out from the wedding.


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BRIDE & PREJUDICE continues Tuesday, November 5 at 7.30pm

Codie Lea’s mother, Lea, arrives to help her daughter shop for a wedding dress. Lea isn’t happy to hear how Codie Lea has been treated by Laurelle and confronts her asking what her problem is. After Milly and Micah’s disastrous family lunch with their mothers, Milly feels her relationship with Micah is teetering on the brink and is not sure what to do about their wedding, which is only days away.







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