Big Brother is BACK, Sunday Night is GONE, and the ABC's of professionalism | TV Blackbox S03E24

STOP THE PRESSES! In this week's TV Blackbox podcast our very own Dan Bennett has a bombshell to deliver over and above all of our chat - what could it be?!

Before we get to that we discuss: the axing of SUNDAY NIGHT; the return of BIG BROTHER (and who will host?!); and who is poised to take out the 2019 ratings year - will we see a change in the number 1 network in Australia?

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the PR spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • 5.19 - New Seven CEO JAMES WARBURTON restructures the network and axes SUNDAY NIGHT.

  • 10.18 - A TV Blackbox EXCLUSIVE: BIG BROTHER is back and returning to...

  • 20.40 - Rob's in a spin over ABC PR's handling of CELEBRITY HARD CHAT.

  • 30.58 - Studio 10 are cleared over the Kerri-Anne/Yumi stoush.

  • 37.37 - GRANT DENYER returns to radio with former Goggleboxer YVIE JONES!

  • 39.27 - It's an all-new week of HATCHES & DISPATCHES with Sarah.

  • 41.40 - Molk offers up some of the latest goings on in the RATINGS WRAP.

  • 52.21 - Dan has a very special BIG ISSUE for us all.

  • 55.51 - Everyone gives up all the TV they're devouring this week in the TV Blackbox's BINGE BOX.

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