RECAP | Jess picks Hugh and Hugh picks Anna..... awkward! on THE REAL DIRTY DANCING

The Real Dirty Dancing
Source: Seven Network

Last night on The Real Dirty Dancing, our celebrities got down and dirty to determine which couple had the red-hot chemistry Dirty Dancing is famous for. Hugh (Johnny) and Jessica (Baby) had the option to pick another partner after the men auditioned for Jessica and the women auditioned for Hugh.

The awkward factor was turned up to 11 as our celebs tapped into their sexy side to show off their moves to the prospective Johnny and Baby. Jessica laughed: “When I heard about the guys having to do a dance for me, I just wanted to run away… how hard is it going to be to pick my Johnny? Impossible.” Stephanie declared: “It’s so weird having to put yourself completely out there, it’s like dating and then hoping they like you back.” Anna said: “before I was extremely scared and I definitely think that affected my performance so this time I went in thinking you are here to do one thing and that’s to grind up on Hugh and that’s exactly what I did!”

 After the dance Anna admitted: “I tried really hard because I just want to put in everything, but I can’t even talk about it I’m so cringed out!” Meanwhile Stephanie’s competitive side came out in full swing “I want to be selected by Hugh as he is a front runner for sure, he would be an amazing Johnny to dance with.” Jessica: “It was super bizarre, one of those out of body experiences where you think is this really happening?!”.  Jude: “We have got to try and be sexual, I’m a married man, you’ve got to create this chemistry on the dance floor.” Jessica: “It was especially awkward for me with Jamie because I’ve known him for a long time.” After Hugh and Jessica danced together to audition for each other it was time to decide on partners as Jessica summed up the audition process as “excruciating but in a good way.”

 In a shock decision, while Jessica wanted Hugh to be her Johnny, he picked Anna as his Baby. Jessica: “My darling 12 year old daughter said ‘mummy I don’t get picked for things all the time’ and if my 12 year old daughter can deal with not being picked for things, so can I.” Anna: “I think Hugh would be a really good partner for me personally because I am quite reserved. I think he could sort of bring me out of my shell a bit.”  When Jessica was faced with selecting another Johnny, she chose a surprised Firass: “I was excited because I wasn’t expecting it when she called my name out.” Jessica: “I chose Firass because I love his passion; he throws himself into everything he does.”

Choreographers Todd and Kym paired up the other dancers, selecting Jude to dance with Stephanie and Anne with Jamie. Todd announced to the group that 300 Dirty Dancing super fans from all over the world were at Kellerman’s and would be voting for the winning couple who would perform the iconic lift in a live performance back in Australia.

When it was performance time nothing was left on the floor in the final bid to be Johnny and Baby. Todd declared: “Anne and Jamie just pulled it out of the bag, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands.” Post-dance Jessica said: “It was so fast it was suddenly oh my goodness have we done it? I’m still standing and I’m still in one piece.”  Anna and Hugh wowed the crowd with their routine, Hugh: “Anna and I rose to the occasion and I was really, really proud of her.” Anna: “I just smiled through the entire thing.” Hugh: “I had a lot of fun and I think the fans did too.” Jude was nervous knowing what the super fans wanted to see “They will be looking for the chemistry more than anything.”

Jude and Stephanie were voted the ultimate Johnny and Baby much to their surprise.  Stephanie: “I was blown away, I had no idea that would happen, I just never thought that we would win. We’re very excited”  Jude: “I’m so proud of Steph and obviously myself as well, I couldn’t believe that we actually ended up winning and being selected. I’m honoured but I’m worried about the lift.”