GRETEL KILLEEN refuses to rule out a return to BIG BROTHER

Gretel Killeen was forced to face those Big Brother rumours head on this morning on Weekend Surnise

As Gretel Killeen turned up to talk the big topics on Weekend Sunrise there was only one question everyone wanted answered: would she be returning to BIG BROTHER?

Her answer is only set to fuel the flames around her involvement in the reboot, set to air on Channel 7.

Since TV Blackbox reported the show is indeed coming back, confirmed by a casting call posted by production company Endemol Shine just one day later, there has been frenzied speculation on who would host with many fans calling for Gretel’s return.

Host Basil Zempilas put the question to Gretel directly;

“Are you hosting Big Brother’s return on Channel 7"?”

Without skipping a beat Gretel replied;

“As if I’m going to tell you that.”

Gretel then attemtped to deflect the question by talking about getting married next year, even though she hasn’t met someone to actually marry (her words), but broadcaster Chris Smith once again directly approached the topic;

“Have you had discussion or not?” - Chris Smith

“As if I’m going to tell you with your bullying” - Gretel Killeen

“Would you like to do it? - Bazil Zempilas

“I think that is a groundbreaking show and I think the way we did it previously was so exciting because you not only never knew what was going to happen but you never knew what I was going to say” - Gretel Killeen

Pressed even further Gretel refused to comment further by simply saying “nup, not telling you”.

Gretel then dismissed claims from TV Blackbox that she had told friends she would consider doing it if the money was right. TV Blackbox stands by its reporting (but understands why she would play that down).

You can watch the segment here

Meanwhile, some sections of the media continue to pour cold water over our reporting, despite the fact we revealed the casting process would begin A DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENED!

Some media writers are pointing out Seven has not confirmed our story, but they are not going to do that until their upfronts at the earliest.

Just because a media company has not confirmed a story doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

TV Blackbox looks forward to apologies from those who have criticised our reporting in due course.

Of course, if I am wrong I will apologise (but I have very good sources I trust).