RECAP | The parents label their future children in law "plastic bitch" and "stoner" on BRIDE AND PREJUDICE

Bride and Prejudice
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In tonight's premiere episode: Catherine warned daughter Milly off marrying ‘stoner’ Micah, while Laurelle blamed “plastic bitch” Codie Lea for tearing her family apart.  



Milly’s mum Catherine was deflated after hearing news of her daughter’s engagement to Californian dreamer, Micah.

Catherine: “He’s a stoner and he doesn’t provide for his son…I’m really worried that I’m going to lose my daughter and grandson to a pot-smoking layabout.” 



JoJo’s strict Lebanese Catholic parents Sid and Lody adore their daughter, but hearing of her impending wedding to girlfriend Jess was more than they could cope with.   

Sid: “We can’t say anything. It’s very hard for us…I don’t agree with the woman have affair with the woman.”

Lody: “I don’t understand; somehow I’m thinking I’m dreaming, but it’s not a dream. It’s hard for us. As much as I love you (JoJo), it’s still hard to accept it because God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”



Tori’s mother Mary-Ann met news of her daughter’s wedding head on with the words “you’re making a big mistake!”

Mary-Ann: “James and I have clashed from day one. The wedding at this present moment, no I won’t be going. I honestly don’t see what Victoria [Tori] sees in him. I love Victoria with all my heart and the love is unconditional. I only want the very best and happiness for her and I don’t believe that is with James.”



Nathan invited his mother Laurelle to the retreat to get her blessing to marry the woman he loves, but his pleas fell on deaf ears with Laurelle sounding a loud and clear “no!”

Laurelle: “Codie is a plastic barbie girl and I don’t think she’s human. Everything about her is false. Fake boobs, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake lips. Codie has taken my son and my granddaughter away and if she was on fire, I wouldn’t even spit on her. I hate her guts.”

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Meet the remaining couple (Dannii & Denton) as they drop the final wedding bombshell on their family; Couples meet for their first group therapy session and dinner party where judgements fly; And children confront their parents alone for their first therapy task.